Team Honduras

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Devil is all around us......

First, I would like to say that I am sorry that it has been awhile since we have sent a new blog update. Things here have been extremely crazy. The devil has been nipping at our heels for the past week now. As we prepare to depart from Tampa we had a lot of things that we really needed to take care of before we move to Costa Rica. One of the big things was to have Josiah checked out to see if he needed surgery before we move due to his chronic ear and sinus infections. Sure enough, he needed to have his tonsils and adenoids removed along with a new set of tubes put in. So, we scheduled the surgery for Monday the 15th. Mark and I traveled out of town the week before his surgery for a pre-anniversary trip. Boy, the devil did all that he could to keep us from returning. We were not able to make our flight and then to top it off there were no hotels available and we could not find a rental car. However, we were not giving up yet. So with the help of Mark's sister she was able to find a car for us to rent and we went to pick it up. Now, it was time for a 4 hour drive back to Tampa. We made it back in on Sunday morning at about 5:40 or so. We were so tired and excited to see our children.

Well, we awoke to find the kids coming home to grab their clothes for church. Taylor advised us that Josiah had been sick with a 24 hour stomach bug on Thursday. Fun!! We spent time hugging and loving on each one of them and we all managed to get up and ready for church. After a wonderful church service we returned the car that we rented and took the kids out to Steak and Shake. We all went back home for a nap. After church Sunday night Taylor came home not feeling well. YOU GUESSED IT!!! She has come down with the stomach bug herself. UGH! Bless her heart she was up throwing up all night and into the morning. Keep in mind that Josiah has surgery that day.

Mark debated whether or not to stay home with her or to go with me to the hospital. By the time we were ready to leave Taylor was doing much better and had not had anymore episodes of throwing up. So, we decided to leave her Mark's phone and we would head to the hospital. Just as we are walking out the door....yep...the devil throws another kink in the line. It was the doctor's office calling to say that we had to pay $881.00 up front before we had the surgery. I explained nicely to the lady that his surgery was scheduled for today and no-one had told me this before and well there was simply no way that it was going to happen. So, I talked with her about a payment plan....she advised me that they do not do payment you can probably imagine....I am quit frazzled at this point. I did not want to take any chances that he might not have surgery so we headed to the hospital anyway. We pull into the hospital and the nurse from the doctor’s office calls to tell me that we have to reschedule because they did not get approval from the insurance company....UGH!!!!.....We talked back and forth and they said that they had been faxing the wrong doctor all week and did not even know it. WHEW!!! So, I get on the phone and call my doctor and they have no idea that Josiah is having surgery. At this point we have checked into the hospital and Mark is sitting with Josiah at the check in station. The nurse is informing him that everything is a go and that they have authorization from the insurance company. Now if you are like are wondering "WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?" So, my doctor's office gets on the phone with the lady at the check in station and they check all billing codes and well everything is good to go. WOW! What a day so far. We go back to pre-op and now wait. Poor Josiah doesn't have surgery until 12 noon and well he has not had anything to eat since 11:00 the night before. If you can only imagine how irritated he was that he could not eat or drink. He was going crazy. Mark and I prayed with him to give him comfort and the doctor’s wisdom, he was praying for us while we were praying it was so cute. He finally fell asleep in my arms and then it was time for his surgery and they took him away asleep. We sat outside waiting to be called it was only about 40 minutes or so and the doctor came and said he did great and was going to recovery. We now had to wait until he was moved to recovery II. It was not to long after that we get the call to go back. We get to see our little man and he was just snuggling in the arms of the nurse. We were told that he needed to drink before we went home or eat popsicles or he would have to stay the night in the hospital. So, to our surprise he ate 2 whole popsicles and was drinking. YEAH!! We got the ok to go home. The remaining part of the day he was great eating and drinking. He even started playing and was what seemed to be the little man that he was prior to surgery. The next day he awoke to a sore throat which was to be expected and he even ate a few popsicles and some crackers, at one point I found him in his room playing with his was so cute. That night however, he took a turn for the worst. He had starting running a fever and it had gotten to 102.6 we called the doctor and he advised that if we could not get the fever down and get him to drink we would need to go to the ER. So, with that said we did everything that we could to get the fever down. Mark gave him a luke warm bath, we were pushing popsicles and drinks and then just when we thought we were doing ok, he threw up all over me. So, I clean up and we head to the hospital. We call a few people to keep a check on the kids (because they were already asleep) and we woke Taylor to tell her where we were going and again left the phone with her.

Now, we are off to St. Joe's Children's Hospital. We check in and it is not but about five minutes or so before they move us to a room in the ER. The doctor comes in and checks him out and of coarse they start an IV and do blood work. We get the word back around 2 that we are staying the night....but there are no rooms in the big hospital. So, the nurse brings in another bed and we all three lay down for a nights sleep. I wish that was the end of the devil making us miserable but.....not so lucky. I awoke to feeling really sick at 4:15. Yep, I had caught the bug! So, I had to wake Mark and tell him to move closer to Josiah....since he had been all snuggled with me for the last 4 hours. I prayed that he would not get it because that was the last thing that he needed. Around 5 the nurse came in to tell us that we had a new room upstairs and we moved on up to the children's ward. Me, well I am still sick as a dog...having hot and cold flashes and of coarse my baby is calling out my name and I can not do a thing. (Talk about feeling bad). The devil hit me right in the heart! Thank the Lord that Mark was there and he was able to care for him. We try to sleep just hoping that we will get to go home in the morning. We also get a call from a girl that works here in the home telling us that Taylor has been up all night with the bug again and it is her birthday.....poor girl!!!! Now we have two sick kiddos. The doctor comes in and says: guess what guys, we want you to stay another night....oh no! We were to start a mission’s conference at Grace Temple Baptist tonight. The devil thinks that he has us. So, I stay in the hospital and Mark and Hunter head to present our ministry with-out the rest of us. We felt so bad for not being there but we were praying for the meeting. I told Mark that I was feeling a little better and got a mask from the nurse and at least I could hold him without breathing on him. So, Mark stayed home with Hunter and Taylor for the night and he came to see us first thing Thursday morning. Around 5 or so that morning the nurses came in to draw blood to see if all the fluids had helped. First nurse, gave a stick and his vein rolled, could not find the vein. Second nurse, next stick the vein just I have a very sore and upset baby. Third nurse, thank the Lord was able to get a stick and draw blood. We were hanging out and the nurse finally came in to put a block on the IV, so at least he could run around with out the cords. Mark was reading his Bible and I was working on answering emails and Josiah ran into the bathroom. Mark thought well I can see him so all is good and then......the little stinker pulled the call nurse string and a herd of nurses came running to his aid.....he was just a grinning.....that’s my boy. He was finally back to himself, some what anyway. It was not long after that we got word from the doctor that we could go home. I know that it was because of friends and family from all over who were praying not only for him but for our entire family. We are so thankful to know that when we have a need you all are willing to come to our aid by lifting us up in prayer to our Heavenly Father. Thank you all for helping us defeat the devil. I truly believe that he is trying to see if we will break and not make this journey. He does not want us to go and share the Gospel and the love of the Lord with children of Honduras. Well guess what he is not going to win this one. Thanks again....we love you all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

EVEN NOW...............

While on a three hour bus ride to a church in Naples Florida Sunday morning we received a text that said…. “Her water has broken and they are on the way to the hospital.” The bus was full of excited children and adults who were all eager to meet the newest addition to the Higgins family. Matt is the son of Pastor Mike and Mrs. Chris who are directors of the home here in Tampa. Matt and his wife Mandy like all parents have been waiting for this day to come. However, it was not until later that day that they welcomed “Micah Nathan” into the world.

Babies are always exciting and such a blessing from the Lord. I can remember the birth of Taylor, Hunter and especially Josiah. When I was pregnant with Josiah I was like a Supreme Pizza of emotions. :) I was happy, scared, anxious, tired, and impatiently ready all at the same time. I was happy because the Lord had given me another chance to have a baby. Scared, due to the fact that I had already lost three; just a short time before that. I was anxious to see the little boy who was indeed a blessing and a miracle. Tired, well if you had seen how big I was……… well you would understand……..Impatiently ready, labor was induced as well as 15 hours long and drugs had worn off about three hours before delivery. It was indeed a long, teary, painful time for me and Mark. However, Mark kept whispering in my ear the words “EVEN NOW”. You see we had heard a sermon from Brother David Crow who preached out of John 11:22. It was a very moving and touching sermon. The verse goes like this: “But I know, that even now whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.” Mark kept me going with those words and it was just moments later that I gave birth to Josiah Ayden 9lbs 14oz and 22 inches long. He had a broken collar bone and a bruised face due to a traumatic delivery. But I was so relived and full of joy to be looking into the eyes of the prayer that God had answered for me. I took him in my arms and thanked the Lord for giving me my little baby. I think that like a new mother reaching out to touch her baby the Lord reaches down HIS Hand to touch his children; whether it is in times of sorrow, pain or rejoicing happiness. I think that we as parents are like God in the sense that we both yearn to reach out and touch what was made in our image. Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt the Lord’s hand reach down and touch you? If so, share it in a comment below.