Team Honduras

Monday, May 28, 2012

What DO you DO in the Rainy Season.....?

Angie.....oh that hair......yuck!
Belkis Johana
What do you do in the rainy season? in the rain of course.....Today, after the boys and Mark had just finished cutting all the grass....the Lord sent along a wonderful rain shower. Instead of coming inside to watch a movie or play a game all the girls wanted to go outside and play. Needless to say, they looked like a bunch of little piggies rolling around in the mud. Here are some pictures of their fun.....
Running in the Rain

Teaching Boys how to Be Good Men.....

One of the goals of our home here is to teach the kids that the importance of working hard. We want each them to be better and more knowledgable than when they came. We have a total of four boys here in the home and with our three that makes seven. Now, Micah he is too little to work right now considering he just turned 1 but the others all have jobs to do inside and outside the house. When these boys came to us we are not sure they ever did anything for themselves other than sleep and play. Now, they make their own beds and clean their own rooms. (Yes, boys can clean and makes their own beds...if you teach them and train them to do so). We are very proud at how they work together to help each other out.

Today, Mark and the boys went outside to cut the grass, They started super early and with 10 acres of land that is alot of grass cutting. However, the boys were eager to help get it done. It was so amazing to see the boys outside working. Today, Elvin was pushing the mower when he mom walked up to bring something for him. She was overwhelmed with pride as she watched her son push a mower and work hard. He has never done physical work is in his life. That was like witnessing a miracle for her. He use to sleep until 10 or 11 each day and here it is 11 and he has been up and outside cutting grass since 6. If we want the boys to grow up and want to care for their families we must train them now to learn to work and to work hard. Here are a few pictures of the boys working hard.

David and Jareth working together to make their beds.

The side of the property Mark cutting on the riding mower

Mark and Elvin mowing

Hunter mowing in front of the church

Junior with the weed-eater

A step in the Right Direction.....

It is so awesome to see how the kids are growing and changing. Since they have all moved in the home they have started new daily routines. Each morning, the kids wake up and have their "God and I" time at 6:30 in the morning. During this time they read their Bibles and devotions and pray.  They have also started to pray at every meal and recite a Bible verse in Spanish and in English. To close out our day we have a family devotion time and pray as a family. This is the time where we read our Bible aloud as a family as well as take special prayer requests.  A few weeks ago Mark talked with the kids about their spiritual life and if they had trusted Christ as their Savior and then asked them if they had been baptized. Well, Junior and Elvin both said that they had trusted Christ but had not followed in believer's baptism. We are proud to say that they were both baptized on Sunday and another blessing that day was that Elvin's uncle trusted Christ 2 weeks ago and was also baptized the same day. Pray for these guys as they are the future here in Honduras.

Elvin and Pastor Matt
Junior and Pastor Matt

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Came 1st....The Chicken or the Egg?

Well, I can tell you.....for us it was the chicken! We have been blessed yet again. Today, we received 3 hens and 1 rooster. Earlier in the week we received a larger rooster but he has taken a liking to the area on the side of our property that is covered with thick green vegetation. (Pray that he walks back over now that we have hens). We curretly have them in a small fence but look forward to putting them in their new home this week. We have a youth group from Bible Baptist Church in Florida who have volunteered to construct and fund this project for us. This will help out greatly which future food expences. Currently, the cheapest meat to eat right now is chicken and on top of that we eat about 50 eggs a week. That is eating them very conservativly. Really we should be eating at least a dozen a day for breakfast...that is one egg per person. However, we can get away with preparing about 10.(at least at the moment). Here are a few pictures of our new chickens!

Friday, May 25, 2012

What a Blessing!

We have been blessed beyond belief......everyday we can say that the Lord has answered yet another prayer request. Today, was no exception to that. We were able to go and drive away from NISSAN in San Pedro Sula, with a new Microbus. With the help of God's people we now have transportation that seats more than 7. This is a vital part of our ministry. We will not only use this when we all need to travel but we will use it when we have groups come and visit us. There are many who have given to the cause and we thank you for that and we do not know each of your namesbut are grateful just the same... we would like to Thank Hilltop Church in Fuquay-Varina and John and Sue Leavitt in Connecticut along with Mr. and Mrs. Braun for contributing greatly to this cause. We love you all and are so grateful for you prayers, support and love for our ministery here. Here are a few pictures from today.
the kids were very excited

the kids all ran out as soon as we got home

Meet our Newest Addition....

Jareth (Jared) is a sweet four year old little boy. He spent his first night with us last night and so far has adapted well. He listens very well and has a very sweet disposition. Please pray for him as he is our newest and the youngest in the house.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coconuts anyone......

Today, we had to go and visit Angie's grandma and grandpa because the tiller cracked and Don Chipa is a welder. However, when we got there he was not home he was out working. Angie's grandma began to tell us how Angie use to climb the trees and get the mangos and coconuts down for her. Now, that she lives her she does not have anyone to do that. So, with that said Mark found a long ...long stick and started to poke the coconuts to get them to fall. I think he was able to hit 3 or 4 down and then her Uncle got home and helped with the rest. They helped knock down the coconuts and got a few green mangos as well and then helped to weld the tiller back together. As we were leaving her grandma called and said "hey, don't forget your coconuts". I replied, "no they are yours". Well, she would not let us leave without them. So, we brought home 10 coconuts and the kids had a field day. I have posted some pictures of them enjoying them. I tried it....but warm...ugh...not my favorite thing...the meat itself was good though but not like the sweetened stuff we use to make coconut cream pies....ummmmmmI sure could use a coconut cream pie from Tabatha Tutor...any of my friends who know her....know that she makes the best mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

It is the Little things.....

Having a house full of children with all different backgrounds can be challenging sometimes. However, we treat all the children the same. They all have to obey the same rules, they need to all use their manners....yes we teach them to say the following: Yes, Ma'am, No, Ma'am, No Sir and Yes, Sir....Please and Thank you. We think that this is very important and the sad thing is that many parents even if the states do not inforce this type of courtesy. It is an everyday reinforcement but the children are doing a great job. In fact, this next thing may even bring tears to some of your eyes.

Sunday was Mother's Day's and Elvin went home to spend the day with his momma and grandmother as well as some other relatives. They ate lunch and had a great time. Later that afternoon his momma stopped by the pulperia ( a small in home 7/11) and bought him a Coke. He turned to his momma and said, "Thank you momma for the drink". She was in shock.....this was the first time his nine years that he had said THANK YOU without having to be told to say it. She was overjoyed at what she heard. It still works just have to be willing to teach it.

What is THAT????

Add caption
We are always getting new kinds of fruits, seeds and things to try here. The latest thing is a fruit called "Paternas". It is a long flat, green pea-pod looking thing. When you open it up it has these funny looking seeds inside that have a white fuzzy and fleshy fruit covering it. The fruit taste more like eating a wet cotton ball that has been lightly soaked in sugar water......yeah...not to appealing to the taste buds. However, the girls informed me that if you boil the green funny looking part in salt water they are rather tastey. Well, I was alittle skeptical.....hmmmmm.....however, I did try them....and the more I ate them the more I really liked them. I kept thinking...I know this flavor.....I have tasted this before. Then, it hit me....I am a girl from the was the same as a boiled peanut. A new favorite thing for me because I love boiled peanuts. I have posted some pictures for you to see just what it looks like.

This is what they look before you open them

The inside of a Paterna the white fuzzy flesh

You peel off the white flesh part and then cook the part that looks like a small alien.

This is what it looks like after you seperate the two parts and cook the pods.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Belkis giving me her gift/combined with Carlolina's

Angie giving me her gift
 What a great Mother's started a little earlier than I would have liked. At 3 am we were awakened by a large BOOM! Followed by loud voices of children. I was trying to figure out what the boys were doing out of bed. However, when we opened the windows it was full of people in the back of a truck shouting on loud speakers "FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE"....Happy Mother's Day! and blowing of horns. After that it was a little hard to get back to sleep but luckily the kids were all still alseep.

Once we were all awake, I was showered with gifts. The girls in the home had been asking for jobs to earn money fo something special. Each of them treated me with a special gift of my favorite things. It was so sweet to see their thoughtfulness. Taylor and Hunter gave me wonderful gifts as well. Mark purchased my ticket to fly home for my sister's wedding in August. That was a huge surprise fo me and I know that it will be a great trip because my family and our friends in North Carolina have never met Micah. This will be his second trip to the states.

Taylor giving me her gift

Josiah giving the best gift of all....."Mommy you're the BEST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!"
I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope that you all did as well.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everyone Needs to Have Fun Sometimes!

My favorite picture from the day...Elvin caught having a good time!

Micah worn out from the playing in the pool!
 Since we have had the kids in the home life surely has changed. We have daily devotions, English Class, Spanish tutoing and then just a busy life. Well, everyone needs to have some fun but fun comes with a price tag. We do not really have any parks here in Honduras so we thought we would scope out a local pool. Since people work everyday and only have time for leasure on the weekends it was a great option for us. We knew we would be pretty much alone. So, we headed out on Thursday for a fun day. Thanks to a person who donated some money for us to use for a fun we were able to spend the day at the pool. The owner was such a blessing and said that he was there to serve us....since we were serving the people of Honduras by helping the children. What a blessing that was. We had a great time and everyone was worn out when we returned home.  We would like to take the kids to the beach in the future or to the zoo. They have never really had a family vacation like most of us "Americans" are use too. If you would like to help with a vacation fund please email me or send donations to our stateside address:

Hope Children's Home
c/o Mark and Amy Coats
11415 Hope International Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

in the memo write Hope of Honduras/ Family Vacation Fund

Thanks for all your help, support and prayers.

Count YOUR Blessings...Name them 1 by 1

WOW! How we have been blessed this week. We can truly sing the Count Your them one by one, count you blessings seewhat the Lord has done.....The Lord has blessed and with the help of some great people.

1. Praise the LORD we received a check for the remainder of the funds needed to purchase the van. Gos is so good and we look forwad to going this coming week to finalize all the paperwork. It will be so nice to be able to travel as a group and not in two cars.lus we will be able to use it when wehave small groups come.

2. What a Blessing it was to receive Bibles for the kids from a wonderful family in North Carolina. Bibles are expensive here and this family bought Bibles for all the current children in the home as well as sent us some other special items.

3. Since we moved into the cottage in August we have had a problem with the septic tank. The problem was that we did not have permission to hook up into the city or a local sewer line. With lots of prayers we have been given the permission to hook up to the city. Thanks to our city planner for his help in this matter (who also attends our church). The pipes were dopped off today and work should start Monday or Tuesday.

4. Another shower of blessings.....a friend of mine from high did what we all get married and move off. Well, she started reading our family/ministry blog and with the help of her ladies Bible study group at church they sent us 6 boxes of much needed items for the girls and goodies. The children have been enjoying some candies today.

Thank you all for the wonderful kindness that you all have shown us. We have been showered with Blessings and are counting them everyday.

Elvin and Jr sliding off the tubing

Hunter help the man unload

Boys will be Boys

I knew that if I ever had boys I wanted them to be boys.....I wanted them to love the outdoors and all that fun stuff that little boys can experience. Well, my boys are boys and they are teaching the Hope boys to be boys as well. After classes each day they run for the hills so to speak. Well, really it is the cow Here they hunt for iguana or search for rabbits. They also climbed into a tree and discovered some good ole honeycomb. Needless to say that they all need good baths once they come in for the night. I have enclosed a picture of the latest catch which we were able to give to a family in our church. I talked them today and that was their breakfast for this morning.  What a great way to be a blessing to those who need a little extra help and all the boys have enjoyed the hunt.
Hunter and Junior with their catch

Watching My Daughter Bloom

It is a blessing to have Taylor as my daughter. She is such a wonderful and godly example for the girls here. When we lived in NC she started to play piano but then her love for sports quickly ate up much of her time. She kept her old books and started to practice again on her own once we got settled in Honduras.  Now, she has begun to take lessons again in the institute with Mrs. Dallita. She played for the fist time an offertory duet with Mrs. Dallita on Wednesday night. I am so proud to know that my children our serving the Lord and without a bitter heart for moving them three times. I know that God has big plans for her and the boys as well. Please pray for her as her Junior year of high school will be starting in August.

Happy Birthday David!

David came to us almost 2 months ago along with his sibblings. We were able to celebrate his 7th birthday on Wednesday. He is a very sweet little boy who love cars, balls and to draw/color. His birthday has been the first for the kids here in the home. We celebrated with singing and homemade choclate cake with spinkles. Happy Birthday David may the Lord continue to bless you all the days of your life.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kickball and Water Fun......

We have taught the kids a new game for them. We played kickball for the first time a few weeks ago at our family activity for church. They all loved it. Since then, they play once a week at least. Also, the little boys enjoy some water fun. We have a large pool but we are waiting until we have a group come and build a deck and fence for it. So, we use a little missionary creativity....a storage container. They love it and it serves the purpose. Here are some pictures of our day!

Mother's Day Banquet

It was nice to be able to dress up in fancy attire and head over to the church for our Mother/Daughter Banquet. We had a great time and all the girls looked so pretty all dressed up. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and it was so encouraging to see the manners of our girls. They placed their napkins in their laps, used their fork and knives to cut their meat. It was just a great time. I have posted a few pictures for you all to see.