Team Honduras

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Answer to Prayers....

Here in Esperanza de Honduras we tell the kids not to ask for something unless they have prayed about it. We have a prayer board with a variety of prayer requests including Iglesia El Faro, La Verdad and Iglesia Esperanza. The kids also have listed needs that we have as well as items of leisure. For months now they have been praying for "tacos". No, not the Taco Bell the word tacos translates into cleats. Since soccer is the sport of latin America every kid dreams of having a pair of "tacos". Their prayers were answered on Wednesday night as the youth group from West Florida Baptist presented the children with their very own brand new pair of cleats. THANK YOU WEST FLORIDA BAPTIST for letting God use you all to answer our prayers. May God belss you all for your giving.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thankful for a New HOME....cluck..cluck....

We were given 3 hens a few weeks ago and have many other members in our church who would love to give us some chickens as well. However, we did not have the space for any or a way to keep them contained. We also wanted to start raising rabbit as a supplement to our meat here. Thankful for people who answer when God calls and God answering the prayers that are sent up his way. We now have a new chicken "mansion". Here are a few pictures of what it looks like. Thanks again to all who helped complete this project.

Our 1st Youth Group....

This past week we welcomed our very first youth group to Honduras. A group of 15 from Bible Baptist Church in Crystal River, Florida came to help us complete some projects on campus. We had a great time and they were able to help us get so much accomplished this week. From cleaning and priming thethe guard shacks to building a new chicken mansion for our 3 hens plus two rabbit cages. THANK YOU BIBLE BAPTIST for sharing your week with us.