Team Honduras

Friday, December 21, 2012

Investing in the future

We were able to place one of our girls here in the home along with Taylor in piano class through the institute at El Faro. We had our first piano recital last week where the girls and the other students could show off what they had been learning all year. We are so proud of the steps that Belkis has taken and the dedication that she has to piano as well as serving in the church and here at home. She has expressed that she wants to be a missionary. Please pray for her that while we invest in her and point her toward Christ that she will continue to follow HIM and invest her life into HIS service. Along with that we are proud of Taylor and her acomplishments. She had piano for two years back in the states and has jumped right back in at full force. We are proud of her and are so going to dread the day we send her off to college.

Elvin and Kevin handing out programs

Belkis playing

Taylor playing

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Esperanza Kids Go to the Mall.........................

Sometimes we take for granted the things that we do everyday or at least once a month. For example, going to the mall, getting in an elevator or riding an escalator. Well, thanks to a couple in the states for giving some money for the kids for Christmas we thought it would be neat to let them actually spend it. So, we had a 4 part plan for the money. First, they gave a part to the Lord. Second, they each had a secret person to buy for in the house. Then, they could pick anywhere in the food court to eat for lunch and lastly the remainder was for them to spend. You are probably thinking wow how much did they have....Well, it ended up being $12 a person. It was so much fun. I wish I had taken a picture for everything we did that day....but well, when you are watching 15 kids it is alittle hard to break out the camera.

For any of you who have ever watched the famous Christmas  movie Elf......this clip is exactly how it was for some of the kids here in the home. However, once they rode the escalator and the elevator it was like the best amusement ride ever......They kept asking if we could do it again.

Everywhere we went we had eyes following us because here are two Amercians with all these children. However, it opened the door for us to share our ministry. Thank you to those who gave to make this day possible. The kids all had a great time.

On our way to City Mall in San Pedro Sula
Check out that group of kids......:)

HaPPy 9th BirthDAY......DAYTHON

WOW! Another reason for cake.....Daython turns 9. We had a great day celebrating and even had a family trip to the mall in San Pedro Sula. As you can see he was "caked"......but he loved it......

Is it really Christmas time?

By the look of the picture above you would not believe that it is almost Christmas time. Living in a country where the climate is warm-hot-then to unbearable makes it hard to believe that the many other places are having a white Christmas .....or at least a cold one. But we enjoy the days when babies can run free in diapers and lick lollipops while laying on a cardboard box.

The kids are enjoying a gift that was sent from a sweet couple in NC. The little umbrella makes it nice to enjoy picnic lunches and just sweet chats outside.

HaPpY 10th BiRtHdAy ELVIN!

We celebrated Elvin's 10th Birthday on Dec. 6th. He is able to drink coffee.....a highlight that the kids look forward too. He is a very sweet kid and we hope to spend more birthdays with him.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stockings.....a new tradition

Growing up my mom always had us four children a stocking. I remember them hanging on the wall behind the tree because we did not have a fireplace. Early on Christmas morning we would dig into our stockings that had been stuffed with oranges, apples, nuts, candycanes, novelty candy, candy cane tubes of generic M&M's and toothbrushes and much much more. Well, we wanted to get the kids a stocking as well. So, when our friend Karen came for a visit she brought us all new stockings. Little did we know.....that not one of these kids had EVER had a stocking. They were so excited that this was actually going to be theirs and that they could put their name on it. It is going to be so much fun filling them all on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mrs. Karen Comes for a Visit.....

It is nice when you get to see a familiar face from home. It is kind of like when you run into an old friend in the grocery store that you have not seen in awhile. Living in another country it is difficult at times when all of your friends and family live in the states. We are lucky to have new friends here but nothing can replace those old friendships. It was so nice to have our friend Karen come and stay with us for almost a week. While we really did not get to do anything...mostly because of rain and school we still had a great time. Thanks Karen for taking the time to fly down here and see all of us....we miss you and love you!

Looking at Things in a Different Way.....

Many times here we find that the kids have seen something or done something but really don't have a clue on why they are the way they are. We have found that there are many things that are really new for them. All of the kids here have grown up eating star-fruit. However, that is not the name for this fruit in spanish. Many times they would just clean it and cut it down its side or simply bit into it. Well, the other day...I cut it into stars like we normally eat it and the kids could not believe that it was in the shape of a star. Something so simple for us and so new for them.

ThanksGIVING Tradition......

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving has already come and gone....however with 17 kids life is very busy and left little time to write. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Honduras complete with the following: turkey,dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, turnip greens, rice, bread and dessert. The kids had never celebrated Thanksgiving and did not know the reason why we did. It was really awesome to be able to explain why we celebrate and share new foods. None of them had ever eaten turkey before that day. They all loved it! We look forward to doing it again next year.