Team Honduras

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proud Parent Moment.........

Last night at church we concluded our "Soldados del Senor" program. This is like our version of AWANA's and Patch the Pirate. Before any of the children that we have now came in the home none of them participated in the program. The kids purchase a book for a $1.00 that has 100 spiritual challenges in it to complete. We have 3 children that received certificates last night. Carolina and Elvin both finished their book of 100 challenges and Carolina finished first in her class. Carolina also received a medal for "Girl of the Year". What an accomplishment.

Junior who hardly ever attended church before coming in the home not only completed his 100 challenges but he won "Boy of the Year". We are so proud of these boys and girls for the changes that God is making in their lives.

Junior, Elvin and Carolina
Brother and sister both earn medals but in seperate classes!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A New Smile.........................

The last few posts have been on our newest little girl Kathya. She has had the hardest life of all the children that we have in our care at this time. When she entered the home she was infested with lice, sick with an infection that required 2 rounds of antibiotics and her teeth were badly decayed from lack of dental care and brushing. Since, she has come into the home there have been many many changes in her life. She is no free of infection and lice and today she has a new smile. We are so thankful to the ladies here in Honduras who have given their services to help care for our children here. Today, for $10 Kathya has a new smile. She was missing half of one of her front teeth now she looks like a normal little girl. Your space change can make a difference here in Honduras. Many of the children never receive dental or the medical care that they need to keep them healthy. Thank you to those who give so that we can care for the children of Esperanza.

very pretty but needing work on the front tooth......and now

The after new tooth smile!

Friday, November 2, 2012

All I Want for Christmas......

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. We were talking to the kids in the home and were asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Many kids including my own would ask for things like:
a spiderman(Josiah), a Barbie, a game, Legos, perfume...etc. Kathya is our newest little girl in the home. In case you have not read about her please check out her story in earlier posts. Well, this sweet little girl asked for 3 things. Hmmmmm, a barbie maybe, a new dress She asked for a 20oz coke, a bag of chips and a apple....a red one she said with a smile. WOW! Makes us all seem alittle more than selfish don't you think and maybe a little materialistic. At least that is how I look at myself when I think of her humble request. By the way an apple is probably one of the most expensive fruits here so that is something really special for her. Just thought I would share that with you all so that you can share it with your children as they are making their wish lists whether it be for "Santa" or Santa Parents.

A sweet Talk with a 4 year old

Last night at dinner we were talking to Josiah our four year old. I asked him what do you want to be when you get bigger? He said without hesitation...."I want to be a Preacher." I said, You do...well do you want to preach in English or in Spanish? He said, "I want to preach in Spanish". It is so sweet to see that he knows and understand the importance of sharing God's word. We pray that he will continue to want to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord...just like the Josiah in the Bible. We are very proud of his strong work ethic and kindness that he shows to others. We pray that if it is in fact God's will for him to preach and in Spanish that he will always remember the words he said as a child in 2012.