Team Honduras

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Always Amazed....and never disappointed

our needs on our prayer board
Well, today has truly been a day of amazement.  We had a wonderful day at church, and a wonderful lunch. Then, we all watched a Christmas movie. Afterwards, the kids all went outside to play as it was the first dry afternoon we have had. A sweet lady and her son from church brought us some goodies. What is even more amazing is that she brought some of the items we have on our prayer board. She brought us 3 gallons of milk and 60 eggs. WHAT a huge blessing. Then we get a note from our dear friends from our home church Myra and Ronnie that said their sunday School Class took up money for a special Christmas gift for the kids as well as the remainder of the funds to go to the wall. So, that means over $450 for the wall fund.

Then, we have a trial...Escarleth was running and playing outside when she ran in to a concrete ledge and gashed her forehead open. We took her to the clinic and got her all cleaned and stitched up and learned that she also has a tiny fracture in her skull.
But the doctor said that she should heal up just fine in 3 weeks or so as long as she takes it easy. WOW!!! What a day....luckily it was only a $66 bill. Tonight, we learned that Liberty Baptist Church in Hampstead North Carolina took up a special offering for us to day. The took up almost $3,400 to go towards the wall. What a huge blessing that is. Their desire is not for glory or gain....but that others may see the need as well and contribute. Every penny counts and we can not do it without people like you all. We had a situation just two weeks ago that we had not had time to share but feel it is very important. Behind us lives a few different people. Three sets of neighbors that live behind us actually are very faithful to our church. Two of the girls that live behind us had gone out with their mom one evening. In town a man murdered a pharmacist and ran for cover. He ran down the main street in front of our property and headed for the houses behind us. He actually went through the gate of the girls home that attend our church and hid there. Luckily, another neighbor saw him and thought he was robbing the house and called the police. The thing is he could of just as easily ran down our road looking for cover. We desperately need to have the gate put up. If you want to give a gift for Christ this year that will never be forgotten and truly a blessing please consider giving to our wall fund. It is a large project and we just can't do it without the help of our friends and readers. We thank you all and not a day goes by that we are not in awe at how God supplies our needs through others. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! To know more about how to give you can contact us on Facebook or email us at or