Team Honduras

Thursday, July 31, 2014

And so the Bell rings..............

Today, we started our third year of schooling here in Honduras. This year we have our largest group yet. We have a total of 15 children out of the 18 in the home in school. We have kindergarten all the way up to 11th grade this year.  Since we are homeschooling here we are really praying about the need of a teacher or teachers to help relieve us from these duties. Please join us in prayer as we pray for a teacher.

Also, please consider sponsoring a child for their school year. It takes funds to buy the schooling materials as well as the necessary items to help them along the way. You can make a monthly pledge or a one time donation.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. Here are the kids and their grade level for the year.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The traveling Boys......

It was rather interesting traveling with two smaller children on long road trips. Even funnier because neither of them have a large memory bank of things, concepts, culture of the states. So here are the top ten funniest things you hear and know you are raising an MK(missionary kid)

10. Can I flush the toilet paper?
9. I don't want to eat any more FOOD!!!
8. flushes by itself!
7. Can I drink this water?
5. HEY!!The POWER went out!!!(when you are in church and they dim the lights to show your DVD)
4. What church are we going to today?
3. WOW! This place has LOTS of stuff.....referring to Walmart!
2. But I am a big boy...I don't want to use a carseat!!!
and #1
When you send your child to Sunday School.....and ask him what he learned after class and his response........."I don't know.......why?(I ask)........because they weren't speaking in my language? what language were they speaking son?......English I think?

yep those are true MK's and I am so proud of them.

Furlough, Family and Fun

It seems as if it has been way to long for a post. Truth is we were super busy filling in some much needed family time. We have been from Honduras to Tampa to North Carolina and back home again. We were able to see and do lots of things while on this trip.

One of the most exciting things was to see our daughter walk the stage to receive her diploma for all of her hard work through high school. Not only did she graduate with super grades but she did all of that while helping us serve here in Honduras.

We also were blessed to see Josiah graduate from kindergarten. Hard to believe how our family is changing.  We were able to have a fun time on a mini vacation before heading up to North Carolina to visit churches and see our families. We had a great trip but are thankful we are back home. Thank you for your prayers and support while we were traveling.