Team Honduras

Monday, July 23, 2012

Medical Team Update

This morning Mark, Taylor, Hunter, Karla, Angie, Belkis and Jr. left the house at 7:15 or so for the first day of the medical brigade. They all had different jobs. Mark with his large stature was the door man....permitting only a few to enter at a time. Taylor followed nurses for translating vital signs and info to the patients, Angie and Belkis took persoanl info such as name, address and phone numbers. Karla was presenting the gospel to each patient that passed through her station. They all had jobs and they all worked hard until they closed the doors today at 4:30pm. The group saw over or right at 900 patients today. That was 900 people that heard the gospel. Karla was able to lead 3 people to the Lord. Praise the Lord for this opportunity that our ministry has to help out here.

Today the totals were.....919 passed through the gates and 14 were saved. Praise the Lord!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

School Time/Prayer Request

Well, it is that time of year again....time to think about going back to school. It is so hard to believe that in just a few short weeks it will be August. We will be starting school here at Esperanza the first week of August. With that said we are in need of sponsorships to purchase the books we need for this year. We currently have one 8th grader, one 6th grader, three 4th graders and a 1st grader. We also are in the process of looking at placing a young girl who has never been in school a day in her life but should be in 3rd or 4th grade. Please consider helping us purchase the books and supplies needed to start school.  You can email us at or to learn more on how to help.  Thank you all for your support.

Under Construction

We are happy toannounce that we are getting a much needed Bodega/Carport. For those of you in the states this is an outdoor building. We have many items that need to be locked up and close to the house and this new building is such a blessing. Thanks to those who have given to the "bodega fund". Here are some pictures of the progress.

starting from scratch

Happy 4th of July

Being a missionary in another country does not mean that you forget where you came from. These week we were able to celebrate the 4th of July with our fellow team mates and missionary friends. It is nice to get together and celebrate the birth of our nation and enjoy some good ole fellowship in our native tongue as well. We had a great time listening to all the kids sing songs and we pledged to our Flag. Then we enjoyed a traditional 4th menu. Hot dogs/chili, baked beans, baked mac-cheese, deviled eggs, broccoli salad, watermelon and tons of sweets. We hope that you all had a great 4th as well.
The Goins Boys

Our Kiddos!

The Massey's

The Rolston's

The adorable and friendly Micah!

Houston We Are Connected......

When we moved into the cottage back in August of last year it did not take long for us to realize that we were not connected to the main sewer line. We have prayed about the funds to complete the project as well as the city personel we would need to help us complete this task. We are thankful to say that we are now connected to the main pipes. We are also very happy that our friend and fellow brother in Christ Romel is the city planner who really helped push this process through and even got us the equipment and men to do so. THANKS TO ALL...who helped us in this process. We can now shower with ease of not over-flowing the tank. THANK YOU....THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Ventures..........

When God called us to the mission field one of Mark's greatest fears was speaking in front of others. Other the past two and half years God has molded him into yet another role in the ministry. July 1st we started the first ever English Speaking Sunday School Class at Iglesia Bautista El Faro. We look forward to seeing this group of young adults grow as we venture on this new journey. Please be in prayer for us as we minster to another group of people here in Honduras. Reaching Souls for HIM in both English and Spanish!
Our new Sunday School Class with 6 in total

Teaching the Children how to share the Gospel

    One of the most important things once a person gets saved is to share the "good news" with others. Our job as a Christian is to help disciple those who are new members of the body of Christ. We have been having a discipleship class with the kids to help them learn more about Gods word and to help them in their Christian lives. We are so thankful to Pastor Matt and his wife Dallita who strongly encourage that all Christians follow in this type of discipleship here at El Faro. Many times, we witness to others and share the gospel and in fact see the fruit when they put their faith and trust in Christ. However, many times we drop the ball so to speak and never follow through on helping them learn how to live their life for Christ.

We want to teach the kids that pass through the doors of Esperanza how to share the gospel with others. Tonight, we practiced with each of them on telling others about Christ. We also encourage them to pass out tracts.

Josiah handing out Gospel Coins in the mall

Karla working with Angie

Hunter working with Elvin and Jr.

Word of Mouth....and God MOVES......

When Hilltop came to visit they ran into a couple in the airport and started to talk to them about our home. It is so amazing at how God puts opportunities in your path. Well, Thursday that couple showed up at our front door. They are from Hammond, Indiana and attended First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana. How cool is that. They know our friends from Fellowship Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina. The gentleman was a native of Honduras and still has family here. In fact his sister just bought two lots behind our house. They were a huge blessing. They bought the kids new shoes. Thank YOU again for letting the Lord lead and use you to bless others.

Hilltop Comes To Visit

Nothing is more exciting than when you can show and share your ministry with the people who helped you get where you are. We were so excited to be able to share a week with our home church in North Carolina. The group of 14 helped us to get our guard shacks painted and helped to do some much needed sorting. We were also able to put a gospel tract in more than 1200 individuals hands in downtown Progreso. We came in contact with some very interesting things that week...a tarantula crawled across Lauire's foot, the kids decided to take turns holding it...we got to try Mondongo....cow stomach.....and eat some great Honduran baleadas. We also held a Bible Club on Saturday where we had about 30 kids and shared the gospel while having some fun games and snacks. We finished our time by visiting a beautiful waterfall and having a time of relaxation. Thank you HILLTOP for your love and dedication to World Missions. We love you and are honored to partner with you for reaching the next generation for Christ.
THAK YOUto all who helped them get here!!!

Saturday Bible Club

Brother Mark teaching about about Paul and Silas

The girls eating some chicken tacos

chicken tacos!!!

visiting the local "pulperia"....our version of 711

Honduran Pedicure

Ester painted all the girls nails and return they were a HUGE blessing to her. They bought her 20 new bottles of polish abd paid her for her efforts. Thank YOU girls and ladies......

shopping in San Pedro Sula

the waterfall

Our YOUTH Pastor.....glad that he loves the kids and has a heart for God while having fun.

Saying goodbye to his new girlfriend....He misses Morgan!