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Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Ordinary Zoo Trip...........

On Thursday of this week many of the children were treated to a trip to the Lowry Park Zoo here in Florida. What a treat for all the children this day proved to be. A small business association made it possible for the children in 6th grade and below to attend the zoo. They even took care of the staff that went along to oversee each group.

It was so amazing to see how the Lord provides for "HIS" people. Many of the fact almost all of the children here have never been to any type of zoo. This was such a treat for them.

The kids were able to do things that otherwise the would have not been able to do. Some of the things that the kids in my group were able to do included feeding a giraffe and stingray. This was so cool. The giraffe at one point had her nose on my camera. It was a treat for me as well. Then we moved on to search out some other neat looking animals and even rode a roller coaster and a sky lift. This was no ordinary trip to the zoo, in fact this may have been a once in a life time event for some of the children here. As they walked they took in every inch of their surroundings and had a wonderful day. The Lord even held off the rain and kept it warm but cool out so that all the animals were active. The group then treated us all to a wonderful catered lunch and then gave every child a stocking filled with goodies.

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