Team Honduras

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visitors, Surprise Care Packages (Doctor Visits) and Sugar Cookies

WOW! It has been a busy time for us here in Costa Rica. We have had fun showing Mark's parents around San Jose and getting their feet ready for all the walking. Then, we had three more guests to arrive. Mark's sister Wendy, her husband Terry and their daughter Alyssa arrived to spend a few days here with us as well. It was so nice to have some family here with us. The kids loved it and already hate that the time was no longer. But with that said we all ventured to downtown San Jose with look a little like the streets of NYC on a normal day. People everywhere.....They got to experience their first ride on public transportation and we ate a 2 story Pizza Hut that I am sure was against Fire Code with all the heads that were inside(LOL). While they all were here we received 2 Christmas Care packages from the States. Josiah received a Thomas the train set that he is in LOVE with.   He plays with it everyday. The kids have been playing "catch phrase" and we have all jumped into to the game for some great laughs. I think that we know every phrase in the game now....b/c we have played so much. Then we received another goodie box....with the ingredients to make HayStacks....the kids have loved eating them. It is the little things that make you feel like home. On Monday of this week it was a bitter sweet day....we had to say goodbye to Wendy and her family....but later that day we discovered that God has Blessed us with ANOTHER BOY!!! WOW 3 boys....whatever will Taylor and I do????? I guess that means we will both always be the "Princesses" of the house. Then on Wednesday night we listened to a wonderful sermon from Brother Jeff (our Pastor in NC) and made wonderful homemade sugar cookies. We searched and searched but could not find cookie cutters so we made ornaments and candy canes by hand. The kids had a blast. Thanks to all of you who have kept supporting our family through this Christmas Season. This is always a time that is difficult as funds become low or people have other obligations. Thank the Lord for how HE always Provides. Until next time...which is only a few days away...I promise...:)


  1. Hey gang - - - we have snow and ice right now - Had some of the AFD helping me like the Roy Moore. Love the update - count you in our family Christmas blessing. We're just about to go out and put down more ice melt - - can i move there ?? You are a true FAMILY of God - - Smile back because I send a hug and a smile to you - - all the love Georgie AFD best "V"

  2. Praise the Lord for His loving kindness and blessings this Christmas season! He is so good. We are thankful to Him for your family and really enjoyed reading the post and seeing the pictures.
    Merry Christmas,
    Kim & Susan