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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Sweet the works....

As you all know, our time is coming to an end here in Costa Rica. It is bitter-sweet but we are excited and ready to go. You all have been helping us through prayer and added extra support to help with different things concerning the cottage. We want to thank you all for that. This blog is to share with you some recent photos and other info concerning the cottage.

We will leave here on March 30th and while things are going great on the construction end of the cottage and the men are doing a great job it will not be ready when we arrive.  We are hoping to arrive in Honduras by April 15th and if not that day no later than April 20th. With that said, we are going to have to rent a house for about three months. Our fellow team members are already hard at work to help us find a home to rent once we arrive. Please help us by praying that they can find a house that is safe, reasonable and will be close to the others. We also need to pray that we raise the remaining $5,000 that we will need to purchase a van there once we arrive.

Many of you know what it is like to furnish a new home or at least you remember when you were first married and had to purchase a bunch of things to make your home livable. This is the same case for the first cottage. We have many things that we still need to have to be able to open and run the home. We actually have two lists. One is a list of specific items on and the other is on the  page listed under Hope of Honduras Urgent Needs. All of these things are things that we need for the cottage. Some are basic like hair dryers, hair clippers, lice kits(b/c all the children will need to be treated).

Other things are important things such as linens, and cooking accessories. Some things you may have that you can donate if you live in the Florida area. Others are things that you can purchase and have sent to Hope Children's Home in Tampa with a note saying that it is for the Cottage in Honduras. We know that God will provide all of the needs that we have for the ministry but we do ask that you help us by praying. Thanks again for all that you do for us and our ministry.

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  1. You are a true work of God - you go from a nice house with a/c in Apex to a house that is plain in Costa Rica to a house not yet built and your spirits keep going up - - I could learn a lesson from you God Bless you as you have done for me the george