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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ready and Waiting.......

Well, 2012 is off to a great start. We have been waiting for this time to come and now it is here, the time that we can open the doors to Esperanza de Honduras (Hope of Honduras Childrens Home).  We have been able to meet and talk with a few local people here about donating food and services to the children...please pray that we will be able to influence these contacts and that they will help us in our endeavors to rescue these sweet children who other wise would have nothing. This week Mark was able to visit a local childrens home here about 25 minutes from where we are currently. He said the chidlren were so sweet and ranged from 6 months on up. He even said that he saw a sweet little boy that had been in a crib for so long he had no use of his legs. How sad is that.....his mother left him in a crib...never held him, placed him on the floor or let him move and now he has no fuction of his legs. We pray that we can rescue these children before their life gets to that point. 

We were also able to go and visit with a sweet grandmother of 2 little girls and let her know that if she chooses her granddaughters are welcome to live here. Please pray that we all have wisdom in the days to come and that we are ready when God sends us "who he" desires to be our first children.  There are so many kids we see everyday that are just a step above poverty.

Yesterday, we went to the mall to get a few things....mainly because it is the only place there is an "ACE Hardware"....while there we let Josiah ride the kiddie train that was inside. A young boy about 9 or 10 kept following me around...everywhere I went he was 2 steps behind me or beside me. Finally, I had walked off to go to the grocery store...I turned around and there he was again. He was walking around and looking....looking at what we had....he even went up to talk to the ladies in the meat department. Mark saw him pick up a Burger King cup that someone had sat down to see if there was any drink left inside.  MArk handed Hunter a few limpera and told him to go and chat with the young boy.  How sad it is that a child has to do that...follow around people, look for someone elses....trash to fill their hunger pains. 

We are so excited about the future, not only to be able to fil their bellies with warm food but to give them what they all need love...and not just our love but to point them to that "God shaped Love" that everyone of us long for and need in our lives. It is our desire that the children we care for will accept Christ as their Savior and grow spiritual and phycially. We want to help educate them and make them a well rounded individual.  Please pray for us as the roads ahead are going to be tough and we are going to need help and wisdom from the Lord.  We look forward to keeping you all posted as we move forward.

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