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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poco A Poco.......Little by Little

 After three days of picking out lice we think that we have gotten rid of them all. We will treat the hair again in seven days just to make sure. Whew! With that behind us the kids were all excited to put on their new clothes and shoes for todays church service. Today, was the first time the boys have ever worn a tie. They were so excited to put them on and waited patiently until it was time to go to church. They all looked so cute as we walked over together. When children are placed in the home we have a waiting period before they can have visits with their familes. This is done so that the children can adapt to living in a new home with new rules. They can however, see and talk to their parents at church if they attend.  Our new family of four's mom attends are church sometimes and their dad has only been maybe one time in the history of the church starting. After all of the children were dressed and ready we started to walk across the field when the kids see a man riding his was their dad. It was such a blessing to see him in church- even if it was only to see his children- he had to sit and listen to some good preaching. Please be in prayer for him and that he will continue to come to church to see his children and the Lord will soften and touch his heart. We know that the children were excited to see him at church along with their mom ,who cried after she saw them this morning.

Today's service was a great one and we had two ladies accept Christ as their Savior. I was able to lead one lady to the Lord...what a blessing it was. She kept saying that she was sorry for crying, she said,"I just cant stop, I don't know why." I told her it was because the Lord was working in her life, and she said that she had a Catholic background but knew she needed something else. She had actually come to see one of her friends get baptized....but she was getting saved instead. WOW! It truly is amazing how the Lord works. Iglesia Bautista had 2 decisions for Christ and 6 baptized...Praise the Lord for moving in the lives of he people of Honduras.

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