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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet Lauren.......

The past three weeks we have had an intern live and help out in the childrens home. Lauren is a student at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. She is a nursing student who came along to assist in the Medical Brigade that we held here in El Progreso. She has such a sweet spirit and a servants heart. She has been a huge blessing to us as she has jumped right in and helped out where needed. She has really taking a liking to our children and she will be greatly missed. While most college students spend their time working  during the summer or even just sleeping in she has given of her time and made the last 3 weeks very enjoyable and special for our ministry. So, I would like for you to see what Lauren has to say about "Life at Esperanza".

Like Amy said, I've spent a wonderful 3 weeks at Hope with the kids. I've loved every minute of playing soccer, football, and legos. The chicken-chasing, tree-climbing, and fruit-picking were only an added bonus. I've had so many new experiences that I would have never imagined before I came last month. I've eaten iguana, turtle, chicken liver, and some pretty bizarre fruits. And, I can now say I've had soda in a bag, minuta, and freshly made tortillas (sooooo good--and nothing like the ones on the international isle).
While I've been here, God has taught me so much spiritually. One thing I've learned is the importance of patience. Obviously with a family as big as the Coats have, there will be drama, stress, arguments, and at times chaos. I have seen the Coats handle these situations with patience, kindness, and wisdom that I can only pray to have one day if God blesses me with a family. I've also had so much fun getting to know their family as well as the Honduran kids in the home. God has given me a love for them beyond how I could love them in and of myself. I pray that these kids will one day take what they've learned here and use this to glorify God and give themselves a better life. The spiritual focus here in the home is something that can't be mistaken. I also pray that once they leave the home the kids will only continue to grow in their walk with God. I can't wait until the day I hear that more Christian children's homes have been built in Honduras. The need is so great here. You want to help everyone, but so many factors make that impossible. It's easy to feel insignificant because of the percentage of kids that don't have the gospel or decent food or a loving parent, but one thing the Coats have taught me is how important it is to remember to do what God has called you to. I'm not responsible for the salvation of the whole country or even one person. But when we're faithfully doing what God has given us to do, that's when He does great things--as He has done here.
I will miss everyone I've met these past few weeks so much! The Honduran people are so generous and kind. I pray that I will have an opportunity to return here soon and see the growth God has caused in this place.  I also want to give a shout-out the the Coats and Co.-- Thanks for an amazing 3 weeks! I love you all and will miss you! You'll be in my prayers!

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