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Friday, December 21, 2012

Investing in the future

We were able to place one of our girls here in the home along with Taylor in piano class through the institute at El Faro. We had our first piano recital last week where the girls and the other students could show off what they had been learning all year. We are so proud of the steps that Belkis has taken and the dedication that she has to piano as well as serving in the church and here at home. She has expressed that she wants to be a missionary. Please pray for her that while we invest in her and point her toward Christ that she will continue to follow HIM and invest her life into HIS service. Along with that we are proud of Taylor and her acomplishments. She had piano for two years back in the states and has jumped right back in at full force. We are proud of her and are so going to dread the day we send her off to college.

Elvin and Kevin handing out programs

Belkis playing

Taylor playing

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