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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Giving......vs. Receiving.....

  Since we answered the call to serve the Lord fulltime the Lord has never stopped blessing us or our ministry.  He never ceases to amaze me at how HE works. Recently, we have been blessed and it is just perfect at how if you give....God will give back to you more than you gave out. A sweet little lady that just started coming to our church gave us some milk Sunday morning. This is not just any ole milk. She had gone out and milked the cow herself and then boiled it and poured it in a Pepsi bottle. There was almost 2 liters in the bottle. We brought it home and put it in the fridge. Sunday was visiting day for most of the children and they were to return at 5:30. Kathya walked up with her mom and baby sister and her little 2 1/2 year old brother was at home. I knew her mom did not have any money especially after Kathya had been there for the day. I also know that milk is a treat for her little boy as she doesn't have the money to buy it for him. So, I went to the fridge and took out the bottle of the milk we had received and gave it to her. Now, I want you all to understand.....I know that we need milk....we go through 12+ cases a month totaling about $300 just in milk a month. However, I also know that the Bible says that you should give....if there is a need. Well, we gave....and you can not give without God blessing you in some way. Yesterday, a man from our church walked up to the door with 2 GALLONS of milk in his hand and said he just wanted to bring us some milk. WOW!!!!  I wrote about that yesterday to say that you can never out give God. However.....HE really wanted to make us see that.....HE will provide it you trust HIM and if you are kind to others and show mercy, love and grace. Yesterday afternoon, a car slowly drove down the path to our house.  I wasn't sure who it was. However, she was another member of our church. When she got out of that her hands were 2 MORE GALLONS of milk......not only did she bring us milk, but she brought 10lbs of rice, 10lbs of beans, spaghetti, tomato paste and even a special treat we had been praying for ICE CREAM.  God is good my friends. It is so amazing to see how he uses people here and in the states to met our needs. We can't do it by ourselves. Everything that we have and everything that we receive is because of people who give....give without thinking twice about it. We always pray that those who give to us or our ministry are blessed 100 fold for their giving. We know that you did not have to give. However, I challenge you all who are reading to give.....and if you tell someone that you are going to give to sure to do it. You want regret it...the Lord will bless it and you.

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