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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life's Road Trip........a detour or a journey?

Life's Road Trip.....A Detour or a Journey....?
Many times in life we map out things in life....just how we want them to go or how we want to do them. Many people have even drawn out a map to track their journey through out life. Sometimes, we can maneuver the journey from start to finish with no problems at all. While other times we are forced to take a detour. When a detour occurs most often if ...throws us into a sheer panic....this was not planned...this is not how this is suppose to go. I can speak of this first hand. We live in Honduras and driving is a pure adventure each and everyday. Well, Taylor our 17 year old daughter and I travel to San Pedro Sula, at least once a month to do our major grocery shopping. It is a crazy drive sometimes and even crazier when you get turned around in the most dangerous city in the whole world. There are not many street signs and half the times you never know if stop lights are working or the tail lights of the car in front of you. It can be a nerve racking experience. Especially, if you have to make a detour from what you have planned. I do enjoy the journey I get to take with her each month......I said all that to talk about Paul's journey in the Bible. Paul was one of the greatest missionaries of all times and he traveled from place to place preaching and sharing the love of the Lord that he was able to walk the earth with. However, Paul's last journey he didn't travel as a missionary.....he traveled as a prisoner that was headed to Rome to stand before Caesar. Many of us might look at his life like we do a movie....."man it wasn't suppose to end like that".......look at how his ministry ended! He was in captivity, he was a bond prisoner.....but look at it a little deeper.....His journey led him to some unreachable people. I can only imagine the souls that were saved and changed in what could have been the darkest days of Paul's journey. I think about my dear friend Lalania Riley Hall who battled cancer for many years....her journey was a tough one.......but I know that on her journey she touched many lives and opened the eyes to many about her strength and faith in the Lord. Then, I think of our friends Summer and Aaron Summer Ungerer. They didn't ask for or expect the detour that they are now on in their journey. But one thing is for sure....reading Philippians 1:12 makes me think of all three of these special people. "But I would ye should understand , brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel. I think about Paul and the lives he touched for the Lord in prison. I think about Lanie, Summer and Aaron and the lives that they have touched because God knew that they could handle the detour on their journey. When you are hit with a detour on your journey....don't be dismayed it might be a new road leading to a blessing that you just cant comprehend.

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