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Saturday, March 15, 2014

God Always......PROVIDES!

We started Phase II of the wall project on February 18th. We are happy to say that this phase has been completed. The only thing left to do is to install the metal gate. This week we were in need of around $2,500 to pay this debt off completely. Thanks to some givers we were able to receive all the funds necessary to do just that. We can not begin to thank you all for your giving. The back wall took around $22,000 to complete start to finish and this includes phase I and phase II.

However, we really need to get started on the fundraising for phase III as we heard some disturbing news on Tuesday.  One of the ladies that attends our church works in the public school just 5 minutes from our home. Monday, while she was in class with more than 20+ students, men entered her classroom and held a gun to her requesting her money and laptop. They told her that if she did not comply they would start shooting the children. Karla's brother actually attends this school and was there the day this happened.

We were also just informed of a church about the same distance away that was conducted service at night. Two men entered the church and held it up. Luckily no one was killed. However, we do hold lots of activities on Sunday nights and we have church services on Wednesday night. We have anywhere from 260-280 in a given service.

Please, if you can give to help get this wall constructed we would appreciate it. If you can not give please pray for our safety and the safety of those who are on our campus here. We will need at least $35,000 to complete phase III and phase IV of this project. Phase III will be on the side of the church  and for the cottage the wall that is right in front of us when we walk out the door. We are hoping to raise $14,000 so that we can get a start without having to quit and wait on funds to come in.

Again, we have 22 people that live here everyday. Please pray for our safety, the safety of our children and those who attend our church. We want to share the gospel and be a light to Honduras. However, we also have to protect what God has put us in charge of. Thank you all.

Sincerely Serving HIM,
Mark and Amy

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