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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you ever longed for something?

As a parent we desire for our children to grow up and be better than we are. When Taylor and Hunter were little there was never a doubt in our minds about their education and the things that they would learn and the things they would grow to love. Having children in the home that we have not raised from birth has given us a different desire for each of them.

I remember when our kids were very small and even with Josiah and Micah....we would read to them especially at night before they went to bed. Something that I am sure that most of you may do. We would hold things up or point things out and get them to tell us the color. We couldn't wait until they could hold a pencil in their hand so we could teach them to write their own name.

Well, here things are a lot different. Culture is different. I am not saying that is doesn't happen but a I can tell you out of the 15 kids we have in the home....they didn't get bedtime stories read to them each night. Most of them didn't have parents who had time to teach them to write their names or even tell them their birthdates. This rings especially true for Kathya. She came into the home in October of 2012. She has been with us almost 18 months. When she came in she was getting ready to turn 10. She had never been to school, didn't know her letters or numbers. She did not know her birthday or even how to write her on name. We started from the ground up. It is a lot more challenging when kids are older. She has been taught that she didn't need to know those things she could survive like her mother collecting bottles and cans. However, she really wanted to learn. It takes patience that is for sure.........however, after many trials and errors....tears and much laughter.....she finally gets it. This week on Monday we were able to Kathya her very own Bible(full). She had a little new testament but we thought it fitting that she get her own bible because she can now read it by herself. What an honor it was to give it to her. We even wrote in the description that it was because today .....she could read it by herself.  Please continue to pray for her as it is still a little challenging but she is getting there.

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