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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Grandmother's Love.....

First, I would like to say that I am sorry for not blogging in awhile it has been crazy here.

This week I witnessed a grandmother's true and deep love for her granddaughter. As I sat in the room and listened to her pour her heart out at how she did not want her grandchild to end up like her parents my heart began to swell. She began to say that she was not sure if she had what it took to put her back on the right path. She was speaking of a newly turned 11 year old girl. A girl that had so much anger build up in her.

What could drive an 11 year old to so much anger. Here I am thinking, Hunter is 11 and he has issues with not cleaning up his toys or putting away his clothes. But this little girl wanted to come and go as she pleased. She is merely a child that has had a very hard life. Her grandmother began to tell her story. Her parents well they're drug addicts. In fact they used so much her mother overdosed and died three days after leaving a rehab center. Her father well he is in jail for drugs and theft. No wonder a little girl could have so much anger and pain in her heart.

That day the grandmother drove off and left "Suzie" in the care of the home here. Can you imagine how she must have felt. Well, I witnessed it first hand. Trying not to cry myself I hugged her and told her that her granddaughter was in a better place. A place where she would be loved and cared for, taught about the Lord Jesus Christ and not running the streets, getting a good education and trying to get some peace at some of the situations that she has had to face in he life. While you don't know this childs real name please pray for her. Pray that she will allow God to turn her life around so that she can try to enjoy what is left of her childhood. She has had to witness these things since she was about 5 or 6 years old. I can't imagine the things that she must have seen as she witnessed her parents High on Meth.

After reading this,
Thank God for the good parents and grandparents that you had growing up......
maybe you were like Suzie, then pray and ask God to help you be a better parent than what you had.

Please also pray that God will give Mark and I strength as these are the exact types of situations that we are going to be faced with in Honduras.

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