Team Honduras

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just another day.....

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are all great here. We are enjoying have Mark's parents here visiting with us. They have jumped right in with both feet and started working on property with us. Taylor, Hunter, and Josiah love having Nanny and Papa around again. We have been busy here as usual and not much new here.

We do however have a prayer request to mention. Last night Jimmy (my father in law) received a phone call that his cousins wife Linda that he is very close to has brain cancer. She is repeating herself and has some memory lose. Please keep her in your prayers not only for her health but for her salvation. This is a trying time for the family because they are not sure how much she will remember. Keep her children in your prayers and pray that God will give them words to say and be able to lead their mother to the Lord before this disease takes over. I was reading in my devotions that we are to share each others burdens. I know that I am sharing mine with all of you and know that you are praying because you have chosen to follow our blog. But please know that while you are helping me I am praying for my readers. If you have a request you can always post a comment to the blog or send an email. I love you all.

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