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Friday, October 30, 2009

In His Eyes.......

As a mother of three, I think back at times where I have been able to rock and cradle my children. Josiah is still small enough that he wants to be rocked and cradled and lay on your chest.

There are many times in a day where he will climb onto my lap tuck his little arms in and rest his head near my heart and just sit and contently until he either falls alsleep or he gets up to move on and do something else. Then there are times where he pops his hands under his chin and just stares up at me. Hmmmmm, wonder what he is thinking of as he stares into my eyes. Does he feel safe, and loved and full of joy and peace. I hope that those are the things that he feels.

We should feel those same things when we look up at our Heavenly Father. Knowing that he is watching becasue we are in HIS EYES. The Bible tells us that HE desires to comfort you with HIS love, letting you stop now and then to reflect these promises in his word. Each of us who have trusted Christ are near and dear to him and he is constantly thinking of us and watching all of our moves.

We should never doubt that we are the focus of God's tender care and attention. We can also have a grateful and confident heart knowing that YOU are ALWAYS in HIS EYES!

Psalm 34:15
The only important decision that we have to make each day is to live for GOD and he will take care of everything else.

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