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Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Onions to Christmas Trees............

Well, it has been a very busy week for the Coats Family. Last Friday at about 1:30 or so we packed our bags and van and headed to our hometown of Fuquay-Varina, NC. We made a stop for the night in Savannah, GA and had plans on driving the remainder of the way Saturday morning. The next morning we prepared for breakfast and sat in the dining area of the hotel to eat. It was very busy that morning and there were no seats left. However, there was a lady standing and we invited her to share our table. She began to share with us that she was a secretary for a church in upstate New York. The Lord opened the door for us to be able to share our burden and the vision of Team Honduras for a childrens home. It was awesome to share with her and give her a prayer card. Who knows but God what can happen for the children now.

On, we drove to NC and we arrived at Mark's sisters house for our week long stay. Sunday we were able to attend Hilltop and see our friends and church family. After church we went to one of our favorite fast food places.....BOJANGLES with our good friends the Hawleys. We sat for a long time and just chatted about the home and what we have been up to.

That night we returned back to Hilltop and had another great service. Brother Johnny Hudson spoke to my heart with his message. We knew that we would not have a chance to see our church family again for awhile so we hung out after church and chatted with them until we were asked to go out to dinner with another family from our church. The Lord knows just how to send you encouragement when you need it most. As we sat at dinner we were able to share what was going on with HOPE as well as the future of Hope of Honduras. It was a blessing to us to have had such an awesome Sunday with members from our church.

Monday we slept in.......(lol) until about 8:30 and then set off to visit with Mark's buddies from the fire station. We made our rounds to each station and then ended by having lunch with about 12 or so at a local restaurant. It was nice to see Mark enjoying his time talking not only about fire and the aspects of the job but also hearing him talk to them about the childrens home and how great of a need it is.

We said our goodbyes and then went to Mark's Uncle Johnny ans Aunt Martha's house. They live on the street where Mark and his family grew up. We were greeted with milk and cookies and of all things a fire in the fireplace. Yes, we were about to I guess Florida weather had already set in on our bodies. We were able to share with them some stories about Hope and share the vision that is in place for the home in Honduras. It was such a blessing to be there with family. Josiah even had a little buddy his cousin Tyson. This was the first time they have met and they had a great time playing. They are also pretty close in age so it was cute to see them next to one another. Mark and Uncle Johnny took a trip down memory lane walking around the property and seeing Nanny Bug's (his grandmother) old house. I know that it meant alot to him because he loved his grandparents very much.

Tuesday we woke to visit local churches and pass out some of our promotional DVDs. Then we headed to Lillington to take the kids to the county fair. It was free for kids that night so we thought we would try it and see how it was. Mark and I got in for $4 each and then we bought the kids a $15 bracelet that meant they could ride all they wanted until it was time for us to leave. BOY......was that well worth it. Mark's sisters and their kids were out there as well as my baby sister Brittany and my nieces friend John. We had a great time and the kids did not even have to get off the rides if they didn't want too. There was hardly anyone there. We stayed until about 10:15 or so.

The next day was Wednesday and we just hung out around the house because we knew that we were going to be presenting our work that night at Fellowship. We had to leave around 4 or so because of traffic and plus they were serving us dinner. We arrived and were welcomed with cheerful smiles and hugs. This is the church that Mark grew up for him he was home. We had dinner and chatted with friends that we have not seen in over 2 years or so. That night we were able to share the vision that we have along with Team Honduras and Hope for a childrens home. It was such a blessing to see how receptive the people were for the children.

That night brother Eddie Goddard preached a message on "They remembered the onions"......It may not be his exact words but it is pretty close. Anyway in this message he spoke about the Children of Israel and how God had delivered them but the one thing that the remembered was the onions. You know it made me think about all the things that God has done for me in my life and in this ministry so far......then I had to say to I remember the onions or do I always try to see the good things that God has blessed me with. Do I think and ponder on the little things that someone has said or done to me or do I think about all the wonderful things that God has given me and my family......It was a great message and you should log onto to Fellowship Baptist Churches website in Durham NC to hear the full sermon.

Thursday was a long day but a day filled with blessings. We arrived at the church and started the day with chapel and then a wonderful lunch. The ladies did such an awesome job of preparing meals for us all week. Then we were treated to a day of shopping with Pastor Finley's wife and a few other ladies from the church. Our children were treated to a day at Marbles in downtown no shopping with't get that opportunity very often. Pastor Finley took men out for the day and also to share with them the future site for expanding the works their at Fellowship. The other missionary wives and myself had a great time of fun and fellowship that day. That night we headed back to church for another great meal and then saw one of the most amazing things.....a missionary parade. Fellowship is a church that currently runs about 1,000 people including a Spanish ministry and a bus ministry. They support over 129 missionaries around the world. As the children marched in 2 by 2 carrying flags and posters of the families and countries that were represented my eyes filled with tears. Here we have just gotten to share our burden and our name along with Honduras was already on a poster. These people had also gotten a burden for the country of Honduras and the children and were ready to support our family. You see the flags and posters that were represented that night did not just represent families that had been called to the mission field but it also represented souls that could be saved and had been saved as a result of their obedience to God and HIS calling. It made me think of the song:

In the harvest field now ripened There’s a work for all to do;Hark! the voice of God is calling To the harvest calling you.

Little is much when God is in it!Labor not for wealth or fame.There’s a crown—and you can win it, If you go in Jesus’ Name.

In the mad rush of the broad way, In the hurry and the strife,Tell of Jesus’ love and mercy,Give to them the Word of Life.
Does the place you’re called to labor Seem too small and little known?It is great if God is in it,And He’ll not forget His own.
Are you laid aside from service,Body worn from toil and care?You can still be in the battle,In the sacred place of prayer.
When the conflict here is ended And our race on earth is run, He will say, if we are faithful,“Welcome home, My child—well done!”

You see we are the workers and GOD is our MASTER and the fields are ready: are you doing your part to prepare the fields for harvesting? Are you willing to do what God has pressed upon your heart? Don't let it pass you by.....
OKAY, I know that this has been lengthy but the week has been awesome and I just had to share it with you all. The last night of the conference the message was great again and people were committing and praying hard as families and as individuals sought God's words for what they could do in the way of missions through their church. You see Brother Goddard made the point of saying that when you give to help others reach others for the cause of Christ....."YOU" have a part in it especially if the seed is planted and watered and that soul gets saved. You see you might not even know it but your giving could be setting up rewards for you in Heaven. It spoke to my heart to pray for the other missionaries that were there as well as the others that are all around the world. Just because Mark and I are now on the mission field doesn't mean that we are not going to support others...our giving will continue. You are probably wondering what Christmas had to do with this story well...the ladies and teens decorated the church to look like Christmas and the four mission families had their own tree and even gifts for us all. THE LORD IS TRULY AMAZING and we have received BLESSING after BLESSING this week...much more than we deserve. We are grateful and thankful to a congregation of people who truly love the Lord and strive everyday to fulfill the Great Commission. I hope that this has blessed you as much as our week in NC has blessed us.

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