Team Honduras

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recent Trip to Honduras

On March 22nd Mark and I were able to fly to Honduras along with Pastor Mike Higgins and his wife Chris. while there we were able to reconnect with the three families that make up Team Honduras and our family makes the fourth. We had a great time fellowshipping and taking a tour of the 10 acre property. The church/multi-purpose building is almost complete. The floors were being finished while we were there. The Lord has been faithful and steady at supplying the much needed funds to keep the project moving forward. The doors and windows have been ordered and should arrive soon for installation. Mark, Pastor Mikeand the other men were able to go out and stake off the lots for each cottage. While there we meet with a national official who is helping in the building project. He gave us the permissions that we needed to start construction on the first cottage. We were surprised when they said that the first cottage could be ready in fours months from the start of construction. It was such a blessing to be there and see all of the people of Iglesia Bautista El Faro and their excitment for the future. Mark and I had a wonderful time seeing some of the children that we had seen three years before on our missions trip and to see how much they had grown. The Ellis' also took us to some homes where children live with their grandparents that are perfect candidates for Hope. It is so awesome to see that the journey is taking route and we are not far from our final destination. 

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