Team Honduras

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our new home......

Well, dispite a crazy Monday we have celebrated our first full day in our new home. It all started bright and early on Monday morning when we finished loading our bags in the van and headed to each dorm to say good-bye.  You see some of those kiddos, may not be there when we return and I wanted to make sure to say good-bye and tell them that I loved them....which our whole family loves them all very much. (YEAH!...that was a tear jerker.....some of the boys had been awake since 5:30 or so to see us off.)  Of coarse there were others that slept but it filled my heart with happiness knowing that they loved us as much as we love them. We then move on over to the girls dorm for the same thing to say our good-byes and give a tons of hugs. When then packed into a van and headed to the airport. Pastor Mike the director from the

children's home, his wife Ms. Chris, Jewelissa, Mark's mom and dad went with us to see us off. Boy that was a tough time trying to hold back the tears. You know you never really know just how much people mean to you until you have to hug them and say good-bye. Sometimes, you get so wrapped up in your everyday routines that you forget to tell those special people in your life just how much they mean to you and how much of an encouragement they are to you.  (Ok so, I said that to say this.....don't wait until you have to say good-bye to realize the special people in your life.)  Now onto getting in the airport with 13 pieces of luggage plus a stroller, laptop, diaperbag, purse, and three bookbags. Yes we were a sight to So, we breezed through security and made it to our terminal.     

We were suppose to fly out of Tampa at 10 and well due to bad weather in Miami we were delayed until 12 or so and wouldn't ya know our flight from Miami was to leave at 12:10. Can you say....not gonna happen. So, we get to Miami to find that our flight and the next flight had been canceled but we should make the 8:25......yep....that was canceled too along with about 30 other flights. But, the Lord is good and we got to stay in a hotel as a family one last night before making our move. This was a peaceful time for it cleared our heads and really gave us the strong desire to press on to language school.  OK, so now we get to the airport on Tuesday morning to take the 12:10 flight......flight delayed...seems to be the story of our life. lol.  

Our plane was ready to be boarded but the pit crew was on another flight so we had to wait for depature time....1:10.  We get a boarding call to start loading the plane...yeah!!!!! So, we board and the plane is has been turned off for about 2 hours and we discover that the crew has still not yet landed.....Josiah despite the situation was doing very well. The stewardess was so sweet. She gave him a cheese and cracker tray and he tore it up.....I know now that he loves raisins.  By this time the people on the plane are complaining because there is no air and of coarse there was an older couple that thought they could just give there seats up and sit whereever they wanted on the funny. So, the pilots arrive to discover on their walk about that there is a leak under one of the engines and a check engine or oil light on up grateful that they were looking and had ot fixed before take off. (So, are you enjoying this trip so far?) Well, the next part is too cute. 

Some of you may know that Josiah has become quit fond of planes these days along with balls and buses. So his excitement to sit on the plane was just to he shouted looking out the window at the planes getting ready to take off ahead of us. However, that all changed in the matter of a few seconds, when the g-forces pushed his little body back in the seat....and he looked at me and said...."Momma, I walk, I wanna walk, I not want to fall."  He looked at me with this face of sheer panic but did not want to cry. I had a sweatshirt on my lap and he crawled under it and said..."I hide momma! I hide! It was so sad to see how scared he was and squeezing my leg. It was about 10 minutes later and he was sound asleep....(you can say awe! because I did each time he realized we were still in the air.)  Now the time has come...we have landed and we have to go through customs and security along with trying to gather all of those bags plus manage our carry on's. We know that you all must have been praying for because we breezed right through customs. Now, time to gather those suitcases. We watch and wait and only ONE bag comes out. I ask the guy unloading and he said the words that everyone wants to hear.."this is all the luggage on the plane" GREAT we are thinking, so I ask what do we need, he said file a claim. I make my way to fill out a claim and guess what I SPY?  All the green ribbons, that I had tied on our luggage...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  and 9 they were all there. PTL. We begin to load them up on a big cart to head over to security. Again, thankful for the prayers they scanned a few and sent us on our way. They were super nice and we had no issues at all. We are now on our way to our new home. (The picture you see is the view from our bedroom window)

It was so nice to meet our new friends Carla and Eric who set us up with an awesome house less than a minute from the school we will be attending. We also have a sweet missionary girl that lives with us named Marianna. She is a super nice girl and will help us a ton with our Spanish. Josiah already calls her MeMe..because she reminds him of one of the girls from the home. We also had some intresting trips to the grocery store.....that will be tomorrows blog......Thanks to all who have been praying for us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and that we will raise the remaining funds we need for language school.  (BY The way if there are typos in this I apologize.....the Spell check is in Spanish and I am not sure how to convert it back to English due to the wireless being in spanish.)


  1. I have been praying for your family. So glad you made it to Costa Rica safely. As John 3:30 says "May He increase and we decrease" as we travel along this journey. Continuing to pray.
    Orando por sus hijos y su esposo and para ti. Mi español es un poco más, quizá mucho oxidado. ja, ja, pero cualquier cosa que pueda hacer para ayudar a la causa
    Dios los bendiga tu familia este ano. Con mucho gusto

  2. I love you guys!!! Praying daily for your future ministry, TEAM HONDURAS, and for your studies! - Becky G. (LOL, Amy... I still have NO clue how to sign in on this thing)