Team Honduras

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thought of the Day

Mi vecina en su jardin
 Today as we were walking home from an enjoyable time at the park I noticed two of our elderly neighbors in their yard. We stopped and chatted with them and watched to see just what they were doing. Many times I had noticed them from my "high rise" bedroom window(LOL) and saw that they were sitting on the ground within the gates of their yard. However, I had no idea what they were doing. Today as we stopped and chatted with them, I noticed that they were single handedly plucking each weed from their beautiful carpet bed of grass. It may sound funny to refer to grass like that but here in Costa Rica you rarely see grass other than on a soccer field. With that said when you do see grass it is nothing that you would wanna take your shoes off in and run barefoot on. Each lady looked hard to find and only pick out that which was not grass. When we expressed how beautiful we thought the yard was and admired their hard work they had this to helps to take their minds off of things and gives them something to do with their time. Also, they take pride in their lovely yard and want to keep it beautiful. As we walked on just a few shorts steps to our house I started to think about just how content those two ladies were with sitting on the ground and taking extra special care to only take out what was in fact not a grass seedling. How many of us would have done that? I know for a fact...that I have seen many people with a bottle or two of good ole "Round Up". However, the problem with that is you can kill the grass just as easily as the weeds. When I first started thinking about those two ladies the first thing I thought of was how content they were to do this time consumming job. However, now that I have put much thought into really comes down to how much care and nuture they are willing to put into making their patch of grass be the most beautiful grass on the block. That triggers the thoughts of how much Jesus loves us and cares for us. Everyday he has to pluck away the bad(sin) in our life, but yet he is so willing. While we still must ask for "forgiveness" he is there eager and ready to pluck it away and tend to our hearts and minds just like those two ladies in their yard. We should take the same steps towards "cuidar" or care that the Lord Jesus does for us for others that we know. If we see our brothers and sisters in Christ struggling we should be the first to lend a hand, stop and pray for them or simply have an ear to listen. Of coarse we should do those things for our brethren but we should also be willing to share the gospel and hope for those who have not put their faith and trust in Jesus. So, with that said, don't be content in your ways if they are not productive but reach out and be willing to help pluck one "weed" or in this case a "soul" from the flames of destruction. I challenge you all this week to seek out someone who made need a little extra care, whether it be extending a hand to a fellow Christian or sharing the Gospel with a lost soul.


  1. Great post! Funny how we miss real grass huh? lol

    I love how God prunes us all!!

  2. Do you think they would help me - - I need someone who knows about grass. I read this and smiled - - it's the simple things that make life interesting God still has allot of work to groom me into something special - - hahaha KEEP A SMILE think of you daily the george