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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Purpose in Your Heart

A week or so ago Mark was listening to one of Brother Jonathan Blankenship's services online and he was talking about picking a book of the Bible and reading it over and over again. So, during one of our family devotion times Mark made a challenge to us all that we would pick a book and read a chapter every week. But we were to read that chapter every day and at the end of the week we would discuss what we had learned. The kids picked the book of Daniel and so we started our study. Tonight, we had our first discussion on chapter one of Daniel. One of the key things that we all learned was that even before Daniel was offered meat from the king's table....he purposed in his heart not to defile himself.  WOW! Even before he was offered he made up his mind.  You know this brings up the thought to us Christians we purpose in heart not to conform to the things of the world. Do we already have in our hearts and minds what our standards are on Biblical truths? Do we know and stand true to our feelings on music, dress, and other areas of controversy?  If we know what we believe and we purpose in heart to hold true to those things then the Lord will help us and our testimony for HIM will be easy to let others see.  We challenge you to do this same study and see what you can learn from God's word.

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  1. Amy - - It's amazing I've read parts of the bible many times and each time I learn something new from the same words. I've never enjoyed reading and struggle with it but when I do read - - it opens my eyes a little more. Excellent thought !!! the george