Team Honduras

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The story of 2 containers......

 WOW....a lot has happened in the last few weeks. It is so hard to believe that after much planning and many donating and buying items off of our wish-list we have finally received our container. Wait, that is not the best all gave so generously that we had to have a second container. That is right we received not 1 40ft container but 2 40 ft containers. THANK YOU all so much. We had chills as we finally saw them rolling down the dirt path to our house and not to mention just about in tears when we cut the locks off. We were so blessed that the conatiners were not opened or inspected on the Honduras side. Not one thing was missing or broken during shipping. In fact, it really was a miracle. You see every item that comes into port must be opened and inspected by the border. We were expecting to have to go the port to be there when it was inspected. We were also not able to get tax free status for this container due to a new change in process, so we just knew they would kill us in taxes.....well all I can say is GOD IS GOOD!  We received the call that our container was to be delivered unopened on Thursday without border review. Our broker said this statement..."somebody must be praying for you all" and we know that you all were praying for us. The very next day, they changed the law and every container from here out must be inspected. WOW! what provisions he has for us. We had 55 people present the day we unloaded those 2 containers and what a blessing it was to see all of the things that were inside. It was just like Christmas for us. We started the very next day decorating "Esperanza de Honduras. What a blessing this home will be for little boys and girls. You all have helped us created a beautiful home to live in....and Mrs. Chris and Many Higgins from Hope in Tampa did a great job decorating and putting it all in order. I have posted a few pictures for you to see just what it looks like with the things that you all helped make possible. We love you all and are pleased to say this is now: Esperanza de Honduras.

Our living room
unloading the container
boys dorm room
older girls bedroom
play area in the living room
drawing and game area in the living room
little girls bedroom

Hope that you all enjoy the pictures....we will be posting more soon!


  1. It looks so awesome!!!!! When will the children arrive?

  2. We have been praying that all would go smoothly with the containers - so glad to hear that they arrived in good condition! The home looks lovely!!