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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Never a dull Moment.......

Well, life has been very busy here in Honduras.....we have moved into the cottage and hopefully this week we will receive our container. While we have moved in we are still living out of suitcases, but only for a short time longer.......makes life a little difficult with 4 kids laundry. But, we are hanging in there. Last night, I could not sleep so I decided to do some work in the office. After, I had done all that I could do...I decided to go ahead a go to was around 1 or so. I had just laid down when I heard a motorcycle that sounded like it was really close to the house. I got up to look and just when I had walked to the front in Taylor's room...I saw a guy slide on his bike. I ran to get Mark so that he could help see what was going on...(he was alseep along with the rest of the family). The guard began to tap on the window and say that we had a drunk guy wreck in the front yard adn that we needed to call the police. We went outside to see that he was only a car length away fromn Taylor's room in the front yard. We called Alexis so that he could help us with talking to the police. Once they arrived they took the man off to jail along with his bike.What a crazy evening....Even stranger is how he got on the property.  With that said we need to put a brick wall around the property here. Not only could he have hit the house or a car....but this means that anyone can get in on the property. Please help us about praying for the funds to build a wall. We have 10 acres of land here so that is going to be a big wall but we need to start on the childrens home side of the property first. We want to be able to protect the cottage and the kids that will live here along with our own family. PLEASE help us pray for those funds to start this project.

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