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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Micah is Official.....

WOW! It is so hard for me to believe that 6 months ago I gave birth to my 4th child. It is also amazing to me that I gave birth to him in another country. Having Micah in Honduras has been well...lets just say an adventure. You know there are so many things that we take for granted but so me many more things that we just don't even think about. I know myself, I am truly amazed at how much my eyes have been opened.

Micah was born in the country of Honduras which automaticly makes him a Honduran resident. However, he was born to two North Americans which you think would questions asked make him a U.S. citizen as well. It really amazed me at the amount of documentation and evidence we had to show to prove he had the rights of a U.S. citizen just like his sister and brothers. We had to show ultrasound pictures of the pregnancy, doctor bills, proof that we had been in the states ourselves for so many years, pictures of Mark and I together while I was pregnant, pictures of his birth. It was kind of crazy. It made me think about how when we get saved......God does not care where we came from...he does not care where we were born.....he freely accepts us as we are only with one condition.....that we ask him for his grace and mercy and to forgive us of all our past. When we put our faith and trust in him...we have become official in the family of God. We do not need to show proof of who we are...however we need to show proof of a life that was changed. If after trusting Christ our life has not changed....not only through our eyes but to those who see us.....sometimes we are just back-sliden and really meant business with God and the devil trys to convince us that we did notmean business.  Dates are a very important thing when you make a decision in your life, make it official by writing down the date.  When you do can also go back and say ...yes, I remember I accepted Christ as my Savior on --------(whatever date) and I was at --------You can have that peace to fight off the devil.......Well, November 16th, we received Micah's birth abroad certificate and his U.S. passport.....he is now official. We can leave country.....for the 1st time with him.

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