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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back Home in Honduras......

Micah's 1st time out of Honduras
 Sorry that it has been awhile since our last update. We have been very busy here lately. Well, actually we just arrived back home here in Honduras. We were able to fly out of country and visit family in Tampa for Thanksgiving. While we were not able to see all of our family we were able to share some quality time with part of them. They also ate up the fact that they could see little Micah for the first time. It was crazy to think that...that was his first trip to the states. He has a US Passport but had never actually been there.

While we were there we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with the works......and let us not forget Black Friday shopping. Taylor and I along with my sister-in-laws and Alyssa my neice were able to introduce Karla to her very first Black Friday.  (I think that SHE LOVED IT)....she was so excited it was like seeing a kid in a candy store. 

The Lord Blessed our trip there and we were all able to go to Disney. Thanks to the people who made that possible. Dreams can come true. I will never foregt the look on Josiah's face for as long as I live when he saw Woody and Jessie. You know that childlike faith...believing in something that you really have never seen. It all was so real that moment that passed by on the float.  Seeing him get all excited about those two made me think of how we will react to seeing Jesus for the first time. Will we wave our arms and shout out HIS name in disbelief that it really is him standing in front of us. Will we get teary eyed at just his presence?  As I watched Josiah and his sincere reaction....I want my christian life to reflect that same kind of love for Jesus and my family. 

As we packed up and headed back home here to Honduras....I was able to witness again that same kind of excitement.....the moment that Karla's momma saw her for the first time after 11 and 1/2 months. Tears flowed and hugs

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  1. Micah's growing up so quickly!! Glad that you were able to get back to the States and spend time with family for Thanksgiving.