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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just Some Highlights to 2011

Well, I thought that since this is the last day of 2011 we would share some of our blessings, favorite things, crazy things, and just fun facts of 2011. There are so many....we could not possible name them all....

(These are in no particular order)

1.  Birth of a healthy (Honduran) baby boy: Micah Alexander 5/12/2011
2. Packing up 3 kids and 2 adults with 24 bags and a pack-n-play to get on an airplane
3. Praying all night long that God will give us a helpful person at the airport so we would not have to pay  $900 almost for our extra bags. God answered that prayer with a baggage person who helped book us first class and we only had to pay $300 for the upgrade. BLESSING
4. Seeing how faithful people are to the Lord and the ministry by not only filling 1 (40ft) container but 2 (40ft) containers.
5. Getting stopped by the police.....just to have them jump in your truck with a prisoner as you escort them to the station. (This was Mark and Hunter).
6. Driving for the first time in a foreign myself...(Amy)
7. Never leave HOME with OUT IT....your passport that is......
8. Sharing the Gospel and seeing people get saved inspight of our bad Spanish.(Proof that the Bible speaks for itself all you have to do is be willing to share.)
9. Singing in the Spanish....Mark, Amy, Taylor and Hunter
10. Seeing Fireworks on Christmas Eve
11. Hearing gunshots at all hours of the night
12. Going into a store with a little baby....only to have every female worker run over to see him and say "oh que lindo su bebe....el es mi blancito...(my lil whitey....)
13. Sitting in a restaurant eating when your 3 year old see's a bus pull up and says "Hey look at all those Gringo's".....white people getting off the bus /possible youth groups
14. Successfuly ordering through a drive-thru in Spanish
15. killing snakes in your front yard
16. killing a large rat with the weed-eater (Both of these are Mark)
17. Fishing in the old baptism almost everyday after daily chores and school (Hunter)
18. Waling to the pulperia for cokes and a snack
19. Visiting the beautiful beach in Tela....and having the whole thing to yourself.....literally
20. Giving a few spare limps to the handicapped man at the stop light along with a tract
21. Having a child ask you for the rest of your drink that you were about to throw away
22. Seeing children dig through the trash for food or eat off of the plates that people left on the table
23. Getting to go to Disney World and see Woody and Jessie (Josiah)
24. Getting to fly back home and spend Thanksgiving in Flordia with our families
25. Finding Cherry Coke in a store here
26. Living in our new home...cottage #1
27. Seeing how much Josiah loves working outside with his daddy. ( he asked for his own tools and boots)
28. making new friends here in Honduras
29. Seeing the Mayan Ruins in Copan
30. Going to the waterfall and jumping in (Taylor and Hunter)
31. Looking outside everynight as the fireflies light up everywhere on property.......hundreds at a time
32. Saving a rabbit...a.k.a Coco from being eaten ....yep...our new pet..THANKS Choy!
33. Hearing Josiah after he met Santa Clause here in Honduras...."Momma he is not the REAL Santa Clause" "What makes you say that Josiah?".....Well, momma he doesnt speak any English.....LOL
34. Getting pulled over by a police man for a routine check.....just to hear him ask me if I was from Spain?....he has my american passport in his hand....I ask him...why do you think I am from Spain...(plus my spanish is not that good)....his response....well you have blonde hair and green eyes and you are very kind you must be from Spain...nope I am from North Carolina....
35. Going to the bank to pay your water, electric, car tax and other bills.
36. Winning the make your hubby into Santa Clause at the adult Christmas party game...(becasuse he has a bald head....cotton balls stick better with no hair...hehehehe
37. Parking beside a car at the grocery store that had an OBX sticker on the back
38. During the delivery of Micah doctor is listening to old school 80's music...after he is delivered and the stitching begins....(no-one else is in the room but me and the doctors.....the song "And another One bites the Dust...)...yep just what I wanna hear during an
39. Going to our first Spanish wedding.....
40. flying home to Florida to bring Karla back to Honduras

There are so many more wonderful and crazy things to tell you all about but would simply take to long...So with that said......HAPPY NEW YEAR.....may we not dwell in the past but take a step forward and keep our eyes on the Lord in 2012....for we know not when the Lord will return.......

Happy New Year,
The Coats Family
Mark, Amy, Taylor, Hunter, Josiah and Micah

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  1. I just love reading Yalls top memories from the year in review (loved reading the one from last year too...don't remember if it was a year in review for the new year or just for Costa Rica...either way, loved it)

    SO many heart felt memories, tear jerkers, & HILARIOUS out takes. Thank you for sharing!!!

    As always, we love y'all & are praying each night!

    Great Big NC (((HUGS)))