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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter To All

Sorry, that it has been awhile but life with 9 kiddos is pretty busy. I can not imagine having a family the size of the Duggers, lol.  We have had some pretty fun, crazy, and even sad times here. We have been talking with many who know of a need or a parent has contacted them about our home here. With that said we are hoping to place a 9 year old boy this week. On a sad/frustrating note; as of today we are illegal in the country. We go in the morning to plead our case for renewing our passports since our residency is still in progress. We know that God is in control and everything will work out it is just frustrating at times. Well, I want to share some funny things with you about life here in Esperanza so here goes:

 Carolina: What is that Hermana Amy?
Me: Corn
Carolina: No that is not corn.
Me: Yes, it is corn it is just out of a can.

Me: David did you take a bath?
David: Yes
Me: Did you use soap?
David: I have to use it each time?
Me: YES Crazy!

Mark: Jr. Did you use your deodorant?
Jr. Yes Sir?
Mark: Let me see? (Mark checks the container) Jr. did you wash your armpits because the top of your deodorant is brown?

Me: David are you wearing underwear?
David: ummm No.
Me: Why not?
David: Why do I need them?

Belkis: Dear Lord please bless the garden.
Belkis:(the next week) Please stop the cucumbers from growing we eat them everyday.

Angie: My head itches, Mrs. Amy.
Me: Let me check.
Angie: NO....I don't want to wear that bag on my head again.

Jr. I lost a tooth.
Me: Are you going to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy.
Jr. No, I don't believe in that.
Me: Okay, well you will never know.
Jr. (the next morning) excited I do believe...then whispers...but I think the tooth fairy is Mrs. Amy....hehehe.

These are just some of the funny things that we hear everyday. It is a joy to be able to have fun and teach these children.

We also had a family day at church on Saturday. It was a day of fun activities for families. We all dressed in our Tar Heel BEST! It was so cool to see all 12 of us....even Micah in a Tar Heel something. We had a great time and won the kick-ball game. It was so much fun to see them play a game that none of them had ever played before.

Today, we were able to celebrate that our Lord was crucified and RISEN from the grave. I was also able to lead a 15 year old girl to the Lord today. Nothing better to dd to the Lord's day than seeing someone Know, that they KNOW they have eternal life.

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