Team Honduras

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet Our Family

We have been asked for the names and birthdays of the children of Esperanza. We have also included our family as well. Thank you all who wish to send packages and cards to our family and the kids here in Honduras.

David /age 6 /Birthday May 9th

Carolina/age 9/Birthday January 25th

Angie/age 13/ Birthday January 6th
Belkis Johana/age 13/ Birthday March 13th

Elvin/age 9/Birthday December 6th
Junior/age 11/Birthday October 11th
The Coats Family
Taylor/age 16/Birthday March 17th
Hunter/age 13/Birthday June 16th
Josiah/age 4/Birthday April 7th
Micah/age 11 mon./Birthday May 12th
Mark/ September 26th
Amy/December 27th
(anniversary April 7th 1995)

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