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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hilltop Comes To Visit

Nothing is more exciting than when you can show and share your ministry with the people who helped you get where you are. We were so excited to be able to share a week with our home church in North Carolina. The group of 14 helped us to get our guard shacks painted and helped to do some much needed sorting. We were also able to put a gospel tract in more than 1200 individuals hands in downtown Progreso. We came in contact with some very interesting things that week...a tarantula crawled across Lauire's foot, the kids decided to take turns holding it...we got to try Mondongo....cow stomach.....and eat some great Honduran baleadas. We also held a Bible Club on Saturday where we had about 30 kids and shared the gospel while having some fun games and snacks. We finished our time by visiting a beautiful waterfall and having a time of relaxation. Thank you HILLTOP for your love and dedication to World Missions. We love you and are honored to partner with you for reaching the next generation for Christ.
THAK YOUto all who helped them get here!!!

Saturday Bible Club

Brother Mark teaching about about Paul and Silas

The girls eating some chicken tacos

chicken tacos!!!

visiting the local "pulperia"....our version of 711

Honduran Pedicure

Ester painted all the girls nails and return they were a HUGE blessing to her. They bought her 20 new bottles of polish abd paid her for her efforts. Thank YOU girls and ladies......

shopping in San Pedro Sula

the waterfall

Our YOUTH Pastor.....glad that he loves the kids and has a heart for God while having fun.

Saying goodbye to his new girlfriend....He misses Morgan!

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