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Monday, July 23, 2012

Medical Team Update

This morning Mark, Taylor, Hunter, Karla, Angie, Belkis and Jr. left the house at 7:15 or so for the first day of the medical brigade. They all had different jobs. Mark with his large stature was the door man....permitting only a few to enter at a time. Taylor followed nurses for translating vital signs and info to the patients, Angie and Belkis took persoanl info such as name, address and phone numbers. Karla was presenting the gospel to each patient that passed through her station. They all had jobs and they all worked hard until they closed the doors today at 4:30pm. The group saw over or right at 900 patients today. That was 900 people that heard the gospel. Karla was able to lead 3 people to the Lord. Praise the Lord for this opportunity that our ministry has to help out here.

Today the totals were.....919 passed through the gates and 14 were saved. Praise the Lord!

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