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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proud Parent Moment.........

Last night at church we concluded our "Soldados del Senor" program. This is like our version of AWANA's and Patch the Pirate. Before any of the children that we have now came in the home none of them participated in the program. The kids purchase a book for a $1.00 that has 100 spiritual challenges in it to complete. We have 3 children that received certificates last night. Carolina and Elvin both finished their book of 100 challenges and Carolina finished first in her class. Carolina also received a medal for "Girl of the Year". What an accomplishment.

Junior who hardly ever attended church before coming in the home not only completed his 100 challenges but he won "Boy of the Year". We are so proud of these boys and girls for the changes that God is making in their lives.

Junior, Elvin and Carolina
Brother and sister both earn medals but in seperate classes!

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