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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can You Say Hot?

The past week we have had really hot tempertures here in Honduras. We would check our phones and they would say 100 but feels like 110 or 100 and feels like 115. It is so hot. You can not stay outside to long because you get over-heated even in the shade. Well, we decided that since Friday's are normally test days we would cut school short and take a field trip. There is a local restaurant just down the road that has a playground and two swimming pools. The owners are Christians and give us a discount for the children to swim and see their mini zoo. So, we packed a picnic lunch and headed down the road. We had five kids that have never been to a pool before. They were so excited to get to see the clear water in that concrete hole. It was such a nice day to relax and cool off from the horrible heat. You know that gets me thinking....if we feel like we are gonna die with tempertures in the 100's how do you think that those people feel in hell right now? The bible says in

Matthew 25:46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.  The destruction of the wicked in the lake of fire is permanent. It is a punishment that cannot be reversed. The consequences of your former life will last for eternity if they are not covered with the blood. Can you imagine, your hottest summer day and multiplying it by 100. In our culture today it hits 80 and we feel the need to turn up the A.C.  But have we thought about the future? Have you thought about what your life will be like when you die? I know for a fact that I am a born again, bible believing, Jesus is the only way Christian. But I have to ask myself...have I done what I need to do to make sure that those around me will not end their life only to start a new one of constant torment living in the lake of fire. The Bible tells us about a rich man and a man named Lazarus. Lazarus was poor and he had nothing, however, he had God and had put his faith in him and when he died he went to heaven.The rich man he had everything here on earth, he had fame and riches. Then, one day he died but he died without Christ. He lifted his eyes toward heaven and called on the Lord to send but a drop of water to quench his thrist.....did you hear that...."a DROP of water". I have drank about 4-5 bottles of water just today. He begged for just a drop to try and quench his thirst. When he knew he cold not get that, he asked for someone to go and share the news of the need for a Saviour to his brethren. He wanted those he knew that were still alive to have a chance to be saved. He knew that for him there was no hope, but for his brothers he knew there was still hope. If you are reading this right now yo have hope.....if you are not saved you can make Christ your Lord and King today. If you are saved...are you doing your part to help keep others from a life of torture in hell?
The bible says in Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned" we must recognize that we are all sinners.
We must also recognize that there is a price for sin and that price is seperation for God. Romans 6:23
Then we must believe that God paid that price for us when he died on the cross to save us for our sins. John 3:16
Then the bible says in Romans 10:9-10 that if we confess with our mouths that Jesus was raised from the dead then we shall be saved.

I know that here on this earth I have faced hot days....I would not want to live my life in eternity suffering everyday with no hope. There are no fans, no air conditioners and no water in hell. I hope that you are ready and doing your part to share the gospel with those around you?

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