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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Times Up.......................

Jose and Oscar Sept1, 2012 when they entered the home

7 weeks old

Jose 7  1/2 months

Oscar loves baths!
  Well, six months ago we placed two little 7 week old babies in Esperanza. They were so tiny and you could tell that they were not getting the nutrition that they needed.They each had rashes from being unclean and had many bug bites. Over the last six months we have grown to love Oscar and Jose like they were our own. We have cared for them in the middle of the night, comforted them when they were sick and been the first and the last thing they saw before they went to sleep and woke up each day. They have grown so much. They each have a unique personality. Jose who is the smaller of the two....well we call him peanut. However, he is a bully. He climbs on top of Oscar and hits him in the head and bites his toes. He is also into everything. He is tiny but he thinks that he is like 5. He tries to pull himself up and walk. It is crazy. Now, Oscar on the other hand....he is content being in one spot. He can crawl but he tries to conserve energy. We call him fatty-fatty. (hey they use gordito here in Honduras and that means fat and it is a term of endearment) So we love him double. :)  He however, is more vocal and wants to try and talk. He says mama, dada and sometimes baba(byebye). He smiles all the time and they are the happiest between 9-10:30 every night. They both just laugh and giggle. Well, their contract was up, their mom only signed them in for 6 months. We prayed and thought about what would happen when this day came. We know that the children are best when they are with their parents.....however, when parents do not have the means and sometimes lack the desires it breaks our hearts to see the children suffer. Yesterday, we talked with Karen and she said that she knew the best place for her boys were here with us. She came today and signed a revision placing the boys here for 18 months. We are so thankful that the Lord worked it all out. So, Oscar and Jose are with us for at least a year and half more.

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