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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little by Little......Block by Block......

By now most of you should have received our latest newsletter by mail. In this newsletter it spoke of the large and urgent need of building a concrete wall around our 10 acre property. We need this for the security and protection of the children and the home here as things are getting a little more dangerous. The price is around $50,000 for the completed project. Yes, we had a large hard to swallow gulp as well. However, we have decided to approach this in a different way. Little by Little and Block by Block.

Here in Honduras the men make almost all of the concrete blocks by hand. There is no large factory that processes the blocks for the city and being that everything is made of concrete this is always a job opportunity.  I was able to go and visit one of our local "bloqueria" to learn how much blocks actually cost.  We gathered a price of 50 to 60 cents per block.  The block to be installed with the needed rebar, concrete and sand will be $1 per block. We also have had someone pledge the money to fund the first 250 blocks. We are asking that you, your Sunday School class, your teen group, your co-workers or whom ever you wish to help enlist in this project select a goal to help buy a certain amount of blocks.

For example:

25   blocks= $25
50   blocks= $50
75   blocks=  $75
150 blocks=$150
200 blocks =$200
500 blocks =$500
1,000 blocks= $1,000
3,000 blocks= $3,000
5,000 blocks= $5,000
and so on you can pledge any amount. We know that God will continue to protect us and we pray that you all can help help us little by little and block by block start the wall. 

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