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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What an Amazing View......

I remember when we lived in North Carolina,  Mark and Taylor loved to look up "google earth." They would type in addresses and zoom pretty much into our front yard. It was amazing to think that you could use the computer, give it a little information and boom there was the exact place that you were at that moment. We did the same thing the year that we lived in Costa Rica. It was amazing the view that we could see all on the computer of the city of San Jose. While it was indeed crazy to be able to see the world like that it was still only a very small piece of the whole picture.

Now, let's think of it from the eyes of the Heavenly Father. WOW! What an amazing view he has. The Bible says in Psalm 33:14 "From the place of HIS habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth."  God right now is looking down and he sees everything that we are doing. What a thought provoking my mind. He sees children playing outside, he sees teachers teaching, he sees people giving HIM glory and singing praises. He also sees a baby takes it's first breath as it enters the world. He sees the bride walking the aisle to meet her true love. He sees so many happy things.........but he also sees sin. He sees those who are wrapped up in themselves and they are sitting at a bar trying to solve their problems, he sees people who are getting ready to defile themselves whether in pornography or sexual sins. He sees those who are about to take their own lives. He sees the little on man sitting on the park bench missing his wife who just passed away. He sees the parents who are dying inside because someone kidnapped their little girl. He sees the ones who have been given the WORD....the Truth, that Jesus is the Savior and they reject HIM. What about those views. It must be like watching a movie for the Lord. He has already seen it and He knows what is going to happen but HE just has to watch it through. The Lord sees with his heart of love as He considers who we are and what we do. The Bible revels that He longs for us to trust Him and follow His way. He longs for us to have fellowship with HIM and give HIM our all.  We are never out of God's sight and He always keeps a close eye upon us. We must keep our eyes on HIM and give HIM glory.


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