Team Honduras

Monday, February 3, 2014

Things we do without even THINKING........

There are many things that we do everyday without even thinking. We breathe, we walk in the bathroom and turn on our water and brush our teeth. Maybe clean out our mouth with the a cup of cool water. We do all these things without even thinking of them. Here it is not the same. we have to be careful not to let the past of our carefree living creep in. We can not drink from the tap water. We can not wash off a piece a fruit for breakfast. We must use a water cooler to get all of our drinking, cooking, and washing food water. However, we are happy to say that this should hopefully all change. We had a couple donate a new water filtration system to the home. While Southside group was here Dr. Steve and some of the other young men helped to install it. we have run some bleach through our lines and are just waiting on the test results of the water before we begin to use water straight from the tap. What a huge blessing this will be for us and the future cottages that we build.

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