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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Waiting upon the Lord......

Back in November my families church Landmark FWB from Cary decided that they would surprise us all with Christmas gifts. It normally takes about 10-12 days to get a package once it has been mailed. We know to be on the look out for it. Well, it had not arrived and we waited and asked at the post office and waited some more. We started to get a little worried. We finally heard from the company that had shipped the box and we got the contact information for the company here. The box was here but we still a little more uneasy since the man did not deliver when he was suppose too. However, God's timing is always right on time. We got the package two weeks ago after battling with 16......yes 16 cases of the chicken pox. What a wonderful surprise and blessing it was to get those goodies. It was well worth the wait and even though the kids had no idea it was even coming the were so excited for all of their new treasures. I know that there are many who have sent and do send us packages and we are so thankful and grateful for your giving....not just the items inside but the time it took you to get it and the time and money you used to ship it. We are so THANKFUL and appreciate more than you could know your sacrifices.

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