Team Honduras

Thursday, July 31, 2014

And so the Bell rings..............

Today, we started our third year of schooling here in Honduras. This year we have our largest group yet. We have a total of 15 children out of the 18 in the home in school. We have kindergarten all the way up to 11th grade this year.  Since we are homeschooling here we are really praying about the need of a teacher or teachers to help relieve us from these duties. Please join us in prayer as we pray for a teacher.

Also, please consider sponsoring a child for their school year. It takes funds to buy the schooling materials as well as the necessary items to help them along the way. You can make a monthly pledge or a one time donation.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. Here are the kids and their grade level for the year.


  1. Love those school pics!! We'll be praying for Elvin - and the rest - to have a great school year!!

    1. thank you.....we got a lot of kids this year and a lot of needs...:)