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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Every Opportunity for the Lord......

Do you ever think about the things you do, the places that you go, the people that you meet? Do you ever think that each one of those is an opportunity for you to share the gospel. Today, I took Micah downtown in El Pregreso, to a Barberia(Barber Shop) that I have never been to before. We walked in and we were the only clients there. We started to talk as the guy began to cut Micah's hair and the Lord just opened up the doors. I was able to share the gospel with them both. The one gentleman Donaldo said that he was in fact saved....but boy did he have questions. He read the tract that I handed him out load and wanted more clarification. It was awesome to see. We were there for probably 1/2 and hour. The last 15 minutes was just sharing about God and how good He is. I am thankful that I have overcome my fear of sharing my faith....due to rejection by others. The fact of the matter is....when others don't listen they are rejecting Christ......I told the man today....I want to be able to share with others the love that my God has for all. I don't want to hold it in in secret as if I am the only one going to Heaven......that would be like throwing a big birthday party and not inviting anyone but yourself. God wants all of us to be there. Some still think they don't need HIM, but just like I told Donaldo today.....we are all born with a missing piece and only God can fill it...(one of those phrases my Pastor Jeff Jones always said) (Everyonwe has a God shaped void in their life). They try to put in everything they can....drugs, money, alcohol and so on....but none of those things bring true contentment and happiness like giving your life to Jesus. So, I challenge you use every opportunity that you have been given to share something about what God has done for you.

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