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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meet Sindy

October 9, 2014 the day she entered
I know that this is so late on this blog page but we have anew little girl. Here name is Sindy and she is 4 years old. She is even smaller than our three year old Micah. She is just a tiny little "Dora". She is here with us because when she was born her mom basically gave her to her her mom to care for. Her grandmother is in her late 60's. She has health problems and finds it hard to work and care for her at the same time. So, she asked if they could place her with us. We told her that her mother had to consent and give permission. When we said yes......they were here ready to roll so to speak. We had all the paperwork ready and asked her mom what her desires and plans were? All while she was holding her 10 month old son in a soiled cloth diaper( an original cloth diaper). She said that she wanted her to be here for as long as possible. Then, we asked her to sign the paperwork to which she said...."I don't know how to write my name". How said that this young 20 some year old mom of two could not read or write. We had to teach her that day how to write her name. We then explained to her the importance of know how to do that.

So, with that said Sindy has now been in our care for a month today. It is amazing to see the transformation in just a month. She has already learned many words in English and knows just what it means to be part of a complete family. She will continue to grow in knowledge of both Christ and family values and academics. Please continue to pray for her as she changes.
she is fitting in...just wonderfully!

today......all happy girl

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