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Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I feel God calling me to be......

the day she entered the home

Belkis is a sweet young lady who actually turns Sweet 16 on the 13th of March. Her and her three siblings have been with us for the last three years. It has been amazing to see her grow not only physically but spiritually as well. She truly longs to serve the Lord. She has been taking piano lessons, she sings in the choir, she helps teach a class at church. She signed up to take a theology class and even plays along with Mrs, Dallita at church. Belkis also attends the hospital outreach ministry with me. She loves going and talking with the people and the children. She surrendered her heart to the Lord and her life and said that she felt God calling her to be a missionary and or a Pastors wife. She has never wavered from these things and keeps saying that she feels called to full-time service. I walk everyday and the last few days she has asked to walk with me. Today, as we were walking I could tell that there was something on her mind. She said to me...."Mrs. Amy, I really love going to the hospital, with you."  We then began to talk about the lack of compassion that some nurses even have. Not once while we were there did a nurse pass to see a patient. We were there for over and 1 and half. How sad, and we were in the childrens ward. As we were talking she said, "I really feel God calling me to be a nurse". I still want to be a in full-time ministry but I think I need to be in the medical field. How AWESOME would that be. Here is a young lady who if they had not been placed here in the home would not be where she is today and now she says  that she feels God calling her to be a nurse maybe on the missionary field. God is awesome and HE is still in the business of using and calling people. It will not be cheap and it will not be easy but we want her to be able to go to college one day. It is highly likely that she will live here with us until she turns 18 at which point yes it will be time to go to college. Please pray and think about maybe starting now to give towards her college needs. It will be time for her to go before we know it. Also please be in prayer for her as she seeks the Lord's will for her life.

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