Team Honduras

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Count down is on....

Well you could say that we are in the short rows to begin our journey. We have six days left in the great state of N.C. As we pack up our lives here, I begin to think back on my past. I have found pictures from when I was in elementary school and it is nice to see some of those faces on facebook and see the lives that they now lead. I also think back to the day that I trusted Jesus as my Savior, thank you Lord for saving me.... a person so unworthy of your mercy and grace. I then think of the wonderful day that Mark and I were married fourteen years ago. Wow, the Lord is good. He blessed us with three healthy children and three more that he took on to Heaven. Now, he has chosen us to carry out his will in the country of Honduras and reach out to the children there. It is still hard to grasp that our days here are numbered. Mark and I have never lived more than a short driving distance between family and friends. Now as we pack up the life we have built here we know that God has something special for us. It feels good to be in God's Will. For one thing you can never go wrong by doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord. We have made many friends along the way and you all will go with us in our hearts. We are looking forward to an awesome adventure and being able to share it with all of you. Please keep us all in your prayers and let us know what you think. Just like when Paul wrote letters to the churches may our words reach out and touch and encourage the life of one of the followers of our blog. We love you all and will keep you posted.

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  1. These are exciting days! We look forward to hearing how you are doing as you settle in to your new home for the next few months. We are still praying for the sale of your house as well. Thank you so much for writing and sharing your heart!