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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are "we" making a difference for Christ?

Last Sunday we stopped at a local gas station here in Tampa for some "food fuel" before heading off to church. I must admit that being bold enough to speak out at any given moment to invite others to church has always been a weakness. However, the role that God has now placed us in I need to always be willing to mention Christ in every conversation. Anyway, I proceeded to check out our snacks and began to talk with the cashier about church. She said that she did not attend anywhere so of coarse I invited her to our new church. She then told me how she was the manager and had to work every Sunday. Most people would have left it at that but I invited her to Wednesday night services. She again said that she had to work most of those nights and well I stated that maybe just one night she could switch shifts to attend at least one service. That was the end of our conversation and we both went on with our weeks.

Today we stopped again for Sunday drive snacks . This time I carried a track in my hand just in case she was working or maybe a fresh face. Guess who was indeed working? I grabbed our snacks and went to the counter to pay and began to chat with the cashier and she remembered me from the prior week. I handed her the track and told her that whenever she could would love to see her at church.

While I did not get her to church, she does have the knowledge of the plan of salvation in her possession and a local church to help her on her way if she chooses to invite the Lord Jesus into her heart. Are we all making a difference for Christ with all the opportunities that we have everyday or do we quietly let them slip away. If we are saved we are suppose to be fishers of men. I know that I do not want Christ to be disappointed in how I let opportunities slip away.

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