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Friday, November 27, 2009

Beginning of a NEW Thanksgiving Trend.........

Well, Thanksgiving was a little different this year for our Family. This was the first year since Mark and I have been married that we have not celebrated the holiday with one of our families. However, it will not be the last one that we do not have our parents at......considering next year we will be in Costa Rica and the following year we will be on the ground in Honduras.

When you think of "Thanksgiving" you think of the season of Fall with beautiful changing leaves that look like they have been painted on the trees. You also think of cool crisp days of kids playing football outside while the turkey is being cooked.
Our Thanksgiving was great even if there were not autumn colored leaves and it was about 70 outside. Mark and the kids played outside while I prepared all the traditional foods that go along with turkey. We had:
1. Baked Mac-n-Cheese
2. Green Bean Casserole
3. Mashed Potatoes and gravy
4. Dressing
5. Butterbeans
6. Carrots
7. Cranberry Sauce
8. Deviled Eggs
9. Sweet Potato Casserole
10. Rolls
11. Blueberry Cobbler w/vanilla ice cream
and of coarse my husband cooked his first of many to come fried TURKEYS.....and let me just say that if you have never had fried turkey it is the BOMB!!!! ((and we will be getting a fryer for Honduras.......))
We had some guests with us for Thanksgiving this year that were not family memebers but kids here in the home. Two of them had no family to go home too and one well her dad is in prison and her mom died when she was little. It was nice to be able to bring them home and give them a family style Thanksgiving Dinner. Before we prayed we went around the room and each of us told what we were 'Thankful" for. One of them said they were thankful for the home, another said "that you brought me to your house for Thanksgiving" it was very heart warming tear jerking to hear those words come out of his mouth. You know all he wanted was to have a family. He has been in the home for 3 years. He is now 5. The sad think is that he will most likely live here until he goes off to college.
This was the start of a new family tradition for us: giving hope to those who have none. Sharing something as small as a plate of turkey dinner and hugs and laughs to someone that longs for love and acceptance. I challenge each one of you to start a new family tradition that would include doing something for someone in need.
We are all so very fortunate to have the family lives that we do and sometimes it is hard to even believe that there could be one without a family. If you want to see or read more about the work here at Hope Childrens Home please visit the link below.

HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg To ALL!!!!!!!
"O Give Thanks Unto the Lord; for He is Good:For His Mercy Endureth For Ever.

Psalm 118:29


  1. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and were able to make it special for others as well!

  2. Okay, now I am REALLY ready for you to get here since you will be bringing a turkey fryer!!!! ;) Love you guys!